1. Kimono and Geisha are two terms that are quite common in

1. Assamese 2. French 3. Russian 4. Japanese

2. The Ninth Five-year Plan aims at overall enhancement of

1. Food security 2. Infrastructure

3. Human resources development 4. Growth with social justice

3. The seawater, on an average, contains ______% salt in it.

1. 35 2. 45 3. 3.5 4. None of these

4. Examine the following statements:

1. The Election Commission of India is a 3-member body and this provision regarding membership is mentioned in the constitution

2. The Chief Election Commissioner can be removed only by initiating an impeachment motion.

3. The CEC does not exercise overriding authority over other members and all its decision are taken on a majority basis.

1. A and C 2. A and B 3. C only 4. A, B and C

5. Amartya Sen, an NRI who has been in news recently, is a famous

1. Scientist 2. Economist 3. Painter 4. Industrialist

6. The Aligarh Muslim University and the Banaras Hindu University were respectively established by

1. Syed Ahmed Khan, Madan Mohan Malviya 2. Maulana Zafar Ali, Lajpat Rai

3. Syed Ahmed Khan, Swami Dayanand 4. Syed Ahmed Khan, Annie Besant

7. The Balwant Rai Mehta committee was concerned with

1. Agricultural finance 2. Panchayati Raj 3. Rural poverty 4. Education

8. The only metal, which exists in a free state, is

1. Silver 2. Sodium 3. Gold 4. Uranium

9. India’s maximum export earnings come from

1. Tea 2. Leather goods 3. Jewellery and gems 4. Handicrafts

10. The famous detective character Sherlock Holmes was created by

1. Connan Doyle 2. Agatha Christie 3. Hadlee Chaese 4. Pat Buchman

11. Which of the following pairs is wrong?

1. Duma : Russia 2. Diet : Japan 3. Sansad : Nepal 4. National Assembly : Pakistan

12. A test-tube baby is

1. Created in a test-tube in the laboratory 2. Fertilized in the laboratory and transplanted later

3. Fertilized in the body and develops outside 4. None of these

13. “Formosa” was the old name of

1. Zaire 2. Cambodia 3. Taiwan 4. Burma

14. Camels are able to survive severe water shortage by

1. Using water present in muscles 2. Using the fat stored in the hump

3. Reducing metabolic activity 4. Reducing water use

15. The “Standard Model” is

1. A Model of the human body’s functioning

2. A theory regarding component fundamental particles of matter

3. A model of how the world might work in the 21st century

4. A model of how the human society works.

16. The Indus Valley people were most famous for their

1. Town-planning system 2. Bountiful agriculture 3. Merchantile activities 4. Artistic achievements

17. The American Declaration of Independence was signed by

1. Thomas Carlyle 2. George Washington 3. Thomas Jefferson 4. Abraham Lincoln


1. A new metal 2. A new medicine against cancer

3. A regional economic bloc 4. A compound of mercury

19. Which poet has the distinction of penning the national anthems of two countries?

1. Kazi Nazrul Islam 2. Rabinder Nath Tagore 3. Dr. Mohd. Iqbal 4. Mohd. Ali Jinnah

20. The most commonly used gas in filling bulbs is Nitrogen. This is widely used for this purpose because

1. It is easy to obtain 2. It is chemically inactive 3. It is cheap 4. None of these

21. The famous October revolution took place

1. in 1917 in Russia 2. In 1920 in China 3. In 1868 in Japan 4. In 1949 in China

22. Who among the following people discovered the art of papermaking?

1. The Chinese 2. The Japanese 3. The Iranians 4. The French

23. Which among the following are Indian contributions to the world of mathematics?

A. Zero B. International Number System C. Decimal System

1. A and B 2. B and C 3. A, B and C 4. A and C

24. “The Deserted Village” is a famous poetic work by

1. Shakespeare 2. Goldsmith 3. John Keats 4. Samuel Johnson

25. Asteroids are found between the planets

1. Mars and Jupiter 2. Mercury and Venus 3. Earth and Venus 4. Jupiter and Saturn

26. Whose novels are characterized by an autobiographical touch?

1. Charles Dickens 2. Rabinder Nath Tagore 3. TS Eliot 4. Bertrand Russell

27. The two scientists to have won the Nobel Prizes for Peace and Science are

1. Albert Einstein and Dr. Norman Borlaugh 2. Dr. Norman Borlaugh and Linus Pauling

3. Albert Einstein and Rudyard Kipling 4. Dr. S. Chandershekhar and Dr. Norman Borlaugh

28. The youngest woman Everester in the world is

1. Junko Tabei 2. Phu Dorjee 3. Valentina Tereshikova 4. Dicky Dolma

29. The movie, which you see in a cinema hall, involves ______of the film characters.

1. Real motion 2. Apparent motion 3. Both 1 and 2 4. None of these

30. Which of the following is known as the Vineyard of the World?

1. Russia 2. Sweden 3. France 4. Canada

31. “Garba” is a popular folk dance of

1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Gujarat 3. Maharashtra 4. Tamil Nadu

32. Which of these states has got the maximum cover of forests in terms of area?

1. Arunachal Pradesh 2. Madhya Pradesh 3. Assam 4. None of these

33. Identify the incorrect pair.

1. India Divided: Rajendra Prasad 2. An Autobiography : Maulana Azad

3. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India: Dadabhai Nauroji 4. My Experiments with Truth: Mahatma Gandhi

34. Who among the following was the first woman to preside over the Indian National Congress?

1. Mrs. Indira Gandhi 2. Mrs. Annie Bessant 3. Mrs. Sucheta Kriplani 4. Sarojini Nadu

35. “Standard and Poor’s” is a/an

1. Credit rating agency 2. Investment consultancy organization

3. Merchant banking company 4. International-level development bank

36. Which of the following is a mode of transmission of AIDS?

a. Handshake b. Kissing c. Sharing meals d. Sharing drug-needles e. Sex

1. b and d 2. d and e 3. c, d and e 4. b, c, d and e

37. Dendrochronology is the science of studying

1. The age of a tree 2. Caves 3. Hair 4. Machines in motion

38. Examine the following statements:

a. If a member of the Cabinet loses a non-confidence motion on the floor of a House, the entire ministry has to resign.

b. If the Prime minister puts in his resignation, the ministry has to resign as a whole

c. A person can assume Prime-Ministership even without being a member of the Loksabha

Chose the correct set of responses:

1. A only 2. C only 3. A and C 4. A, B and C

39. Gautam Buddha belonged to a

1. Kshatriya clan 2. Shudra clan 3. Brahmana clan 4. Vaishya clan

40. The smallest particle of matter, which exists independently and takes part in chemical reactions is called

1. Atom 2. Ion 3. Radical 4. Mole


1. The southernmost point of India’s territory is

1. The Indira Point 2. Kanyakumari 3. Pondicherry 4. Lakshadweep

2. The founder of the Yoga school of philosophy was

1. Adiguru Shankracharya 2. Gemini 3. Charvaka 4. Patanjli

3. It is not advisable to sleep with a chulha or angithi on in your closed room because

1. The carbon dioxide produced may cause suffocation

2. It may deplete the oxygen level and prove lethal

3. It may cause emission of carbon monoxide due to the low amount of oxygen in the room 4. None of these

4. A person with Turner’s Syndrome will have the chromosomal combination of ______in the 23rd pair.

1. XX 2. YY 3. X 4. XXY

5. The Eureka ! experience is associated with

1. Euclid 2. Newton 3. Galileo 4. Archimedes

6. Bombay has a moderate climate because

1. of its longitudinal extent 2. of its nearness to the sea

3. of its height from the sea level. 4. of its peculiar atmosphere

7. Mahatma Gandhi launched the legendary “Quite India” struggle on

1. 8th August, 1942 2. 9th August, 1942 3. 8th August, 1945 4. 9th August 1945

8. Who is the ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission?

1. Minister of Finance 2. Prime Minister 3. President 4. Vice President

9. The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics is located in

1. Pune 2. Bombay 3. Calcutta 4. Kodaikanal

10. Which of the following is NOT a constitutional body?

A. Planning Commission B. Finance Commission C. Inter-State Council

1. A and B 2. B and C 3. A, B and C 4. A only

11. Next to Hindi, which is the most widely spoken language in India?

1. Bengali 2. Telugu 3. English 4. Urdu

12. The results of elections to a Loksabha Constituency are declared by the

1. Election Commission of India 2. District Magistrate

3. Returning Officer 4. State Election Commission

13. Kazi Nazrul Islam was a fiercely patriotic poet who wrote in

1. Urdu 2. Persian 3. Hindi 4. Bengali

14. “Zoology” is the study of

1. Living animals only 2. Both living and dead animals

3. Dead, living and yet-to-evolve animals 4. None of these

15. Identify the correct pair:-

1. I follow the Mahatma : Mahadev Desai 2. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India : Dadabhai Nauroji

3. First War of Indian Independence: Lokmanya Tilak 4. Life Divine : G.K. Gokhale

16. As an economy develops

1. The share of agriculture in the GDP decrease, while that of manufacturing and the services increases.

2. The share of agricultural increases, while that of manufacturing and the services decreases.

3. The pattern of contribution to the GDP varies from time to time. 4. None of these

17. A bill sent by the Cabinet for Presidential assent.

1. Must be signed by the President in all circumstances.

2. May or may not be signed by the President

3. May be returned by the President to the cabinet for re-consideration, but upon being re-presented to him, he must declare his assent to it.

4. Cannot be returned by the President for re-consideration.

18. Silver fish is an

1. Insect 2. Fish 3. Reptile 4. Mammal

19. The inhabitants of which of the following geographical regions live in trees due to the fear of insects?

1. Equatorial region 2. Mediterranean region 3. Arctic region 4. None of these

20. Who among the following is not connected with the world of painting?

1. Manjit Bawa 2. Satish Gujral 3. Anjoli Ela Menon 4. Rabindernath Tagore

21. ANURAG is

1. The name given to a new rocket-system by the DRDO

2. A project to help the orphaned children

3. A scientific organization based in Bangalore

4. A new programme by the Health Ministry to improve mental health.

22. Which among the following paid careful attention to the promotion and improvement of agriculture?

1. Mohd. Tughlaq 2. Feroz Tughlaq 3. Allaudin Khilji 4. None of these

23. Which of the following is NOT a tiger reserve?

1. Sariska 2. Ranthambone 3. Manas 4. Periyar

24. A candidate for election to the Loksabha stands to forfeit his security deposit it if he fails to get at least

1. 1/6th of the total votes polled 2. 1/6th of the total valid votes polled

3. 1/5th of the total valid votes polled 4. 1/8th of the total votes polled.

25. “Ursa Major” is a

1. Galaxy 2. Constellation 3. Asteroid 4. Star

26. The fiscal policy is concerned with

1. Imports-exports 2. Debt and public finance 3. Credit creation 4. Issuing of currency

27. The International Date Line is an imaginary line, which lies along

1. 0 degree meridian 2. 45 degree meridian 3. 90 degree meridian 4. 180 degree meridian

28. At which particular place on the Earth are days and nights always of equal duration?

1. Poles 2. Equator 3. Prime meridian 4. Nowhere

29. Petroleum was first discovered in India in

1. Ankleshwar 2. Digboi 3. Bombay High 4. Haldia

30. Which of the following is an example of a seller’s market in India?

1. Railways 2. TV programming 3. Ready-mades 4. Domestic air travel

31. Who among the following is not a prominent management thinker?

1. Henry Fayol 2. Laski 3. Northop Parkinson 4. Peter Drucker

32. Brainstorming is a technique used in

1. Sports 2. Finance 3. Brain surgery 4. Creativity

33. If a person loses memory as a result of an accident, the part of the brain most likely to have been damaged is the

1. Cerebrum 2. Hippocampus 3. Broca’s Area 4. Hypothalamus

34. Whale is a

1. Fish 2. Reptile 3. Mammal 4. Coelenterate

35. If you open a scent bottle in one comes of a room, it quickly spreads all around due to

1. Imbibition 2. Osmosis 3. Diffusion 4. Condensation

36. “Let a hundred flowers bloom and a thousand schools of thought flourish”. Who said this?

1. Jawahar Lal Nehru 2. M.K. Gandhi 3. V.I. Lenin 4. Mao-Tse-Tung.

37. The title “City of Joy” has been given to

1. Calcutta 2. Mandu 3. Jaipur 4. Bombay

38. The Union Council of Ministers is appointed by the

1. Prime Minister 2. President 3. Vice-President 4. Loksabha Speaker

39 The atmospheric layer responsible for most of the weather phenomena is referred to as the

1. Mesophere 2. Stratosphere 3. Ionosphere 4. Troposphere

40. The Arthashastra of Kautilya is a famous ancient work on

1. Economy 2. Statecraft 3. Both 1 and 2 4. None of these

41. The Gayatri Mantra is contained in the

1. Mundak Upanishad 2. Rigveda 3. Dharmashastras 4. Puranas

42. If you keep the door of your refrigerator open for a long time, the temperature of your room