Ashleworth Parish Council
Clerk: Nicky Hill
Orchard Cottage
Hill Farm Lane
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Minutes of the Meeting of 20th March 2018

Councillors Present / In attendance
Tony Eardley (TE) Vice Chairman / Clerk: Nicky Hill (NH)
Caroline Saunders (CS) / 3 members of the public
Paul Finch (PF)
657/0318 / Vice Chairman TE welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened the public session.
A member of the public enquired as to where the rubbish bin on the green next to the bench, had gone. It was established that it had been removed around Christmas time and that it was in a poor state of repair and that Ubico emptied it on their village rounds. NH will contact TBC.
658/0318 / Apologies for absence.
Apologies received from Mike Fellows and Derek Collier
659/0318 / Declaration of Interests:
660/0318 / To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting9th January2018.
No amendments were necessary, and the minutes were agreed and signed.
661/0318 / Matters arising /review of actions from the last meeting not on the agenda.
PF noted that he had straightened the school sign whilst hedge cutting, however the other items had not been addressed. NH will pass enquiries onto PAregarding:
•Bricklow sign
•Longridge lane ditches overflowing, causing road flooding
•Damage to the new brick wall on Longridge Lane
•Corner from Stonebow – lots of broken concrete sticking out, just past new fencing.
662/0318 / Reports from invited speakers on relevant items
663/0318 / Planning matters/decisions
(a) APPLICATION NO: 18/00029/FUL
DESCRIPTION: Section 73 application to amend approved plans of planning permission ref:16/00857/FUL including alterations to the elevations and addition of a car port – Queens Arms – Clarification sought and no objections
(b) APPLICATION NO: 17/01056/FUL
DESCRIPTION: Installation of rear dormer window and single storey rear extension.
Sunny Villa, Nup End – No objections - Permit
664/0318 / Telephone Box
GE reported that due to the recent bad weather, he had been unable to start the refurbishment. He will be commencing as soon as is possible.
665/0318 / Bus stop repairs/maintenance
As above statement from GE.
666/0318 / Annual Parish Meeting 10th April
It was previously agreed that the APM would take place on Tuesday 10th April 2018. CS has submitted an advert in the WoSN and NH will send out invites and posters to local groups. APC chairman and the clerk will prepare a reports for the meeting.
667/0318 / Welcome Pack
TE reported that there had been a positive response from the contacts he had already sent details to and that the next step was to arrange a meeting date with the various groups.He will be looking into the possibilities of the welcome pack being available on hard copy, website and loose leaf. It was suggested that a time scale for the new Redcliffe homes would be useful so that the welcome pack be ready for new village residents. TE will look into this.
668/0318 / Agree Budget 2018/2019
NH circulated the budget via email previous to the meeting. It was noted that there were no changes to the previous year and this budget would be agreed.CS suggested looking into planting more daffodil bulbs on the bank towards the PO. It was agreed that the Parish Council would consider contributing towards the bulbs and to potentially ask the WI for help in planting. CS will contact the WI.
669/0318 / Finance:
a)To approve accounts for payment:
1) Clerk wages – Jan/Feb/March -£137.76 x3 Agreed
2) Church grant/mowing - £800 Agreed
3) Hall Hire - £28 Agreed
4) Greenfinch grass cutting - £540 Agreed
5) GAPTC membership renewal - £141.41 Agreed
b)To agree the bank reconciliation and cash book - Circulated andAgreed
670/0318 / To confirm date of next meetingas Tuesday8TH May2018 – Agreed, but will need confirmation from MF and DC
Meeting closed at 7.58pm