Date of birth:10-07-1990


Marital status:Single

Driving License:yes


Telephone number: 00966502586348


University:University of Sunderland,UK (Malaysia)

Dept:BSC of Sciencesecondclasshonours, Applied BusinessComputing


-Certificate in oracleworkforcedevelopment program.

-Certificate in MCITPserveradministration2008.

-Certificate inleadershipskills.

-Certificate ininternationalbusiness.

-Certificate inEnglish language.

ComputerSkills and Programing:

-Knowledgeablein MSoffice2007-2013andotherapplications/programs

-Operation & Maintenance





-Configuringwindowsserver2008active directory

-Visual Basic

-Visual C#


-Oracleworkforcedevelopment program(SegiUniversity)

-MCITPserver administration 2008(I-Worldcompany)

-Leadershipskills(Ridgeshire UniversityofLondon)

-International Business( RidgeshireUniversity of London)

-Englishlanguage(TheLanguage House)


1-Company name:

Encora Technologies Pte Ltd(Malaysia)

Work nature:

(Oracle Programmer)

-Troubleshooting of system problems reported by users.

-Finding out the syntax error.

-Create, insert, delete and update tables by using SQL commands.

-Create reports by using report builder and generate reports as requested by


-Oracle 10g and 11g R2

-Forms and Reports

-Oracle Forms and reports (Oracle report builder, Oracle form builder)

2-Company name:

Etihad solutions (Sudan)

Work nature:

(System analyst)

-design an appropriate improved IT solution by using diagrams

-Software testing

-analysing clients' existing systems

-producing project feasibility reports

-writing user manuals

3-Company name:

Ajlan & bros Company (Saudi Arabia Riyadh)

Work nature:

(Document Controller)

- Collect and maintain files of the latest revision level documentation necessary to define product configuration and control manufacturing processes.

- Maintain a computer database of all filed documentation that ensures fast retrieval of documents.

- Perform duties as defined in division document control policies and procedures.

- In charge of Personnel at company



ENGLISH:GoodRead, Write Speak

SKILLS and achievement :

My Computeranditskillsarevery good.

My interpersonalandcommunicationskillsare excellent.

I amverygoodwithdealingwith others.

I amverygood in customerservice.

I have theabilitytocontrolanger.

I havegoodskill indialogueand listen.

I liketoworkwithacreativeteamwork.

I have theabilitytosolveproblemsandtakedecisions.


Achievement :-

last achievement at university of sunderland which is a research project about intelligent parking system that will be published at university of sunderland library, it has been chosen as one of the top research that can be published at university of sunderland library during these days so students will be able to be viewed for reference purposes for up to 5 years. My thesis will be published online so that other students may refer to it as an example of a research project.i hope that can allow you to give me a preference for job opportunity because i feel that I will be able to use this as one of my experience to better serve the needs of you and your team.