2010 Diocesan Institute

Activities for World Language Classes

  1. Lukes

PaulVICatholicHigh School


Due Date ______

The Twelve Labors: the Nemean Lion, the Many-headed Hydra, the Cerynian Stag, the Erymanthian Boar, the Augean Stables, the Stymphalian Birds, the Cretan Bull, the Horses of Diomedes, the Amazon Women, the oxen of Geryon, the Golden Apples, and Cerberus.

1. Choose one of the following project suggestions:

Write a modern version of the 12 Labors (5 to 7 typed pages)

Make a 10+ poem anthology about Hercules written by known poets (booklet)

Make a comic book version of the 12 Labors (see Mrs. Lukes for format)

(each labor should be made up of at least 5 panels)

Map out each labor's journey on one large map with each journey starting with Eurystheus's city

Make a board game of the 12 Labors

Create a slide/picture/transparency/PowerPoint show of the 12 Labors as depicted on ancient Greek pottery

Paint/draw a 4-to 6 foot mural of the 12 Labors (use a roll of shelf/art paper)

Make a children's alphabet book about the 12 Labors

Write and perform a ballad of the 12 Labors

Write and perform a rap/song of the 12 Labors*

Create, solve, and provide answer key for mathematical story problems using references to the 12 Labors (expect this to be checked by a math teacher)

Pretend to be Hercules and keep a written diary of your 12 Labors

Create a collage of the 12 Labors

Record an interview with Hercules about his 12 Labors (10 to 15 minute tape or video)

Make a Bloom Ball of the 12 Labors (see teacher for sample ball/instructions)

Put together a modern-day trip to visit the sites of Hercules' 12 Labors (make the travel brochure with your itinerary, flights, accommodations, transportation, meals, places to visit, costs, etc.)

Another project idea of your choosing (write up a 50 word description of your idea and plan of completion and submit to teacher for pre-approval)

*May be done alone or with another student with teacher's pre-approval.

2. Creatively depict the 12 labors of Hercules.

3. Do your own work.

4. If research is needed or you have to use what others have developed, give credit where credit is due. Provide a bibliography following the format given in class.



F (0) = No project turned in by due date

(50-69) = Hastily done, 12 labors missing or not discernable, copied, sources not given proper credit, and/or other factors affecting grade*

D (70-76) = Hastily done, 1 or more labors missing or not discernable, copied, sources not given proper credit, and/or other factors affecting grade*

C/C+(77-84) = Average, neat work with evidence of care taken for research, project construction, time expended, all 12 labors readily recognizable and sources reasonably documented, on time*

B/B+(85-92) = Above average, work consistently better quality than C/C+ (above) with evidence of more time, effort, and care in all areas of project*

A (93-100) = Superior quality work with marked evidence of personal creativity and effort in all areas of project, sources cited in as complete format as possible*, original work evident

* TO RECEIVE HIGHEST GRADE IN RANGE, project must be turned in by due date. Teacher determines grade given in range or interpretation of grading criteria.

5 POINTS subtracted from overall grade for every class day late.



Fun, simple project

usually very creative

Suggestions for Adaptation by Other Target Languages

Substitute a target language story, poem, or personage who had lots of adventures for Hercules.