Mary M. Silgals

April 17, 2010

Assistive Technology Product Information

Abbreviation Expanders


•HandiWord, Microsystems Software, Inc. 800-828-2600

•EZ Keys for Windows, Words+, Inc.

•Gus! Access Keyboard, Gus Communications, Inc.

•TypeIt4Me (Shareware)

•Instant Text, Textware Solutions



Alternative Keyboards

•Adaptive technology at MIT – Sample Keyboards


Audio Books

• - Downloadable books

•Book Courier - BookCourier’s text-to-speech engine reads text files from a variety of sources, including Kurzweil Educational Systems, (DAISY 3 text), Grade 2 Braille, TNAUK (Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom), word processors, email packages, and Internet browsers. BookCourier also plays spoken word MP3 files from providers such as as well as DAISY audio books and NLS download books*.

• Free to US schools and students gives print disabled people in the United States legal access to over 35,750 books and 150 periodicals that are converted to Braille, large print or text to speech audio files.

Electronic Math Sheets

•MathPad and MathPad Plus


•Access to Math

•Touch Math: (Not software)

•Kidspiration – Manipulative math software:

Freeform DataBase Software

•Infoselect 2007 (free trial)

•askSam (30 day free trial) askSam 6 is a flexible and powerful way to organize information and create searchable databases from Web pages, Email, PDF files, texts, and Word documents.

•Bitsmith (free trial) Personal Knowbase is a free-form note organizer using keywords. It's software for organizing research notes, e-mail archives, tickler files, and more. Index notes, messages, and ideas using keywords for fast access.

Graphic Organizers

•Draft Builder



•eGems (demo organizer)



Information Data Managers

•Franklin Handhelds

•Memo to Me


•IPod Touch:

Note Taking:

  • Pulse Pens -
  • Sticky Notes -
  • WebNotes -

Optical Character Recognition

Wynn Literacy Software Solution - WYNN is available in two versions: WYNN Wizard and WYNN Reader. Both these computer programs read text aloud while highlighting spoken words, include the four color-coded toolbars, and provide reading, writing, studying, productivity, and Internet features.



•Texthelp (Read and write gold)

Personal FM Listening Systems

•Phonic Ear Easy Listener

•William Sounds Hearing Helper



•AT-216 Comtek

Portable Word Processors



Speech Recognition Programs

•Microsoft Window

•Microsoft Vista:

•Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 (Demo)

•Simply Speaking


•iListen (for Mac)



Speech Synthesizers/Screen Readers

•Write Away 2000

•Write OutLoud


•Read and Write Gold

•Read and Write Gold Mobile

•ReadPlease for Internet:

•Free: Speakonia –

Talking Calculators

•MaxiAids - A variety of calculators

•Independent Living Aids - Variety

•Rehab Mart – Variety

Talking Spell Checkers


•Clever Keys – Free downloadable software for Win and Mac

•Word Web Pro -

•YakYak -

Variable Speed Tape Recorders

•Independent Living Aids Franklin

•Clever Keys – Free downloadable software for Win and Mac

•Word Web Pro -

•YakYak -

Voice recording: Free – Audacity software for recording with headset microphone–

Word Prediction Programs

•Aurora Systems -

•Co-writer -

•EZ Keys -

•Speak Q -

•TextHelp Read & Write Gold

•Write Away -

•Soothsayer -

•Ginger -

Response Systems

•eInstruction US

•Smartroom US

•EduWare US

•Option Technologies US

•Interwrite Learning US

•Sun-Tech HK

•Promethean UK

•Holtzbrinck US/Germany

•Renaissance US

•Reply US

•Meridia US

•Padgett US

•Turning Technologies US

•Machine Dreams US

•nTag US

•Qwizdom US


•Quick Tally US

•Dolphin InteractiveFinland


•iRespond US

•Ortek Data Systems US

•Xtol UK

•Braehler ICS UK

•Enjoy China

•Smarttech Canada

•Albert Hall UK

Book Readers:

Amazon Kindle - Kindle


Sony Reader -

Don Johnston – ClassMate Reader

B&N Reader – Nook -

iPad iBooks -

Text Converter to Audible MP3s:

•BookReader V100 -

•Intel Reader -

Catalogs on the Internetwith information on the product:

  • CCV Software:
  • Don Johnston: Access to Learning –
  • Remedia:
  • High Noon Books: Materials for students reading below grade level:
  • TouchMath:
  • Renaissance Learning:
  • NAEYC – “Essential Resources for the Early Childhood Educator” –
  • Artesian Press – High Interest/Low Readers:
  • Academic Therapy Publications:
  • Tom Snyder Productions (Scholastic):
  • Educational Resources – “the Best Technology Solutions”:

Place to explore for free/shareware software:

My Internet information:

Mary M. Silgals, MLIS, M.Ed. in Technology