Enrollment Management Committee Meeting


November 6, 2014

3:00-4:30 pm / H-209-4

Attendance: Marilyn Flores, Leonor Aguilera, Lucy Carr-Rollitt, Estella Cuellar, Corinna Evett, Barbara Garrahy, Kari Irwin, Nicholas Magalousis, Linda Miskovic, Stephen Reed, Frank Rivera, Randy Scott, Andy Salcido, Barbara Sproat, Alex Taber, Joyce Wagner, Robert Waldren,

Absent: Debbie Brooks, Ruth Babeshoff, Rudy Carrion, Lori Fasbinder, Regina Lamourelle, Seham Nabilsi, Tuyen Nguyen, Martin Stringer

1.  Approval of Minutes: 10/16/14
2.  Update on EMC Faculty Co-Chair
3.  Report from PIE Committee – Joyce Wagner
4.  Follow up on Intersession Data – Rudy Tjiptahadi
5.  EMC Table of Contents Presentations
a.  Student Demographic Data – Lucy Carr-Rollitt
b.  Historical Enrollment & Trends – Linda Miskovic
6.  Next meeting Items for Discussion / Introduced Frank Rivera (Outreach) who is replacing Ed Cervantes.
Marilyn’s message from Craig Rutan: he thanks everyone for their commitment to this committee. Since he has other obligations, he is stepping down as the co-chair.
Joyce Wagner (also chair of CIC) will replace Craig as the co-chair and will have two votes on PIE.
Grant approval process was sent to College Council. There isn’t a rubric for Technology so it uses the Resource form. Items such as safety and legally mandated will have consideration.
Please see attachment of data reports presented by Rudy. Intersession data shows that is was cost effective and a way to recruit students.
Marilyn asked us to think about how we want the Enrollment Management Plan to look. Do we want it to be specific or general? The framework will be our guiding principles for scheduling, outreach, marketing, etc. We need a plan for growth and for when we need to cut. The general plan shouldn’t be too long.
Please see attachment of data reports for the Student Demographic Data and the Historical Enrollment & Trends. / Motion to approve the minutes as presented (L. Miskovic/S. Reed) was passed with K. Irwin, C. Evett abstaining.
Information will be sent along with the minutes to the members via email.
Information will be sent along with the minutes to the members via email.
Presenters at the next meeting:
Joyce Wagner & Marilyn Flores - Purpose of Enrollment Management & the EMC
Kari Irwin & Barbara Sproat - Strategies for growth, maintenance, reduction & creation concerning grants
Next Meeting / November 20, 2014, 3:00-4:30pm, Room H-209-4

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