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1.  Location of Airport

2.  Number of aircraft movements per year

3.  Allocation of movements in percentage – scheduled, charters, military, general aviation

4.  Main types of aircraft and largest type of aircraft using the airport

5.  Annual Passenger movements

6.  Annual Freight Tonnage

7.  Estimated total annual receipts from all sources, divided into the following categories

8.  Runways
i. Length and direction of runways

i.i. Describe surface of runways

9.  Security

Is the airport/airfield completely closed with a fence and, if so, what is the nature

of the fence;

How many entrance gates are there to the airport and what security arrangements

are in force at these gates;

What are the security checks within the terminal building prior to passenger departure?

10.  Control Tower

i / Is there a full view of the manoeuvring area from the Control Tower?
ii / Is there a full view of the marshalling area from the Control Tower?
iii / Are approach control and airfield services provided?
iv / Is radar used for approach control?
If so, indicate type and operational cover given.
v / Is radar used for any other use at the airfield?
vi / Is any secondary surveillance radar in use?
vii / State radio facilities provided.
viii / Are the radio/telephone transmissions recorded?
ix / Is there direction finding equipment available?
x / What is the area of responsibility at the airfield?
xi / Does the airfield have responsibility for any other airfields/airports nearby or for over flying traffic?
xii / How many controllers are on duty at any one time?
xiii / How many controllers are allocated to the airport?
xiv / State normal watch keeping periods.
xv / Are Military Controllers in the Tower for liaison purposes?
If so, under whose authority are they placed?
xvi / State which Air Traffic Control Centre is responsible for the airspace beyond the
xv / Please transmit (if available) copies of Air Traffic Control Holding and Approach procedure Charts.

11.  Previous Insurance Details

12.  Claim history details