Name: ______February 26- March 2, 2018

Daily Grammar Warm-Up: Clauses & Sentence Structure

Day 1 : Independent and Dependent Clauses
Label the Subject (S) and Verb (V) in each clause. Write IND for independent or DEP for dependent.
  1. Because the claim states ______
  2. Students should be allowed to use cell phones in school. ______
  3. Since teachers work very hard. ______
  4. Which he learned in third grade. ______
  5. Tourists often visit the Georgia Aquarium. ______
/ Day 2: Independent and Dependent Clauses: Underline the dependent clause in each sentence.
  1. I know the woman who owns that store.
  2. When Jeremy called last night, I was not at home.
  3. I need the CD that you borrowed last week.
  4. Please fold these clothes before they become wrinkled.
  5. After you finish your work, you may read a book.

Day 3: Identify whether the underlined dependent clause is being used as an ADJECTIVE (ADJ) or ADVERB (ADV) Clause. Circle the word it modifies.
  1. Whenever I heart that song, I think of my last birthday party. ______
  2. People who like to fish must have a lot of patience. ______
  3. Because I do not like Brussels sprouts, I politely declined them. ______
  4. The research report that was assigned last month is due tomorrow!______
  5. The flag should be brought indoors when the weather is bad. ______
/ Day 4: Identify whether the following sentences area either Simple (S) or Compound (CP).
  1. Paris loves the beach, but Isaac loves the mountains. ______
  2. I can’t wait for Winter Break! ______
  3. The Falcons arrived in Houston on Sunday; the Patriots arrived on Monday. ______
  4. Have you ever watched the movie, Rio? ______
  5. This may be your lucky day. ______

Independent: Can stand alone (complete sentence)

Dependent: (adds to the sentence, cannot stand by itself)

Adverb: Modifies a VERB (action)Adjective: description word (which one, what kind, how many)

Day 5: Clauses & Sentence Structure Review
Part A: Identify whether each clause is INDEPENDENT or DEPENDENT.
  1. Who have the day off. IND DEP
  2. George thanked the presenters and sat down. IND DEP
  3. Because this day is so important. IND DEP
Part B: Underline the DEPENDENT CLAUSE. Identify whether each Dependent Clause is ADJ or ADV.
  1. As he was leaving for work, Andy forgot his coffee on the kitchen counter. ADJ ADV
  2. Jonathan forgot his presentation that he had worked on the night before. ADJ ADV
  3. The crowd roared when David Ortiz hit another homerun. ADJ ADV
Part C: Identify whether the following sentences are SIMPLE or COMPOUND.
  1. We should hurry; the show will start soon. SIMPLE COMPOUND
  2. Marissa watered the plants and fertilized them. SIMPLE COMPOUND
  3. Gracie likes horror stories, so she has been reading Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories.
Part D: Underline the INDPENDENT CLAUSE ONCE and the DEPENDENT CLAUSE TWICE. Identify whether the sentence is SIMPLE, COMPOUND, or COMPLEX.
  1. Emily tore the paper in half and gave half to Julianna. SIMPLE COMPOUND COMPLEX
  2. Summer will be here before you know it. SIMPLE COMPOUND COMPLEX
  3. Zion ran a two-day athletic clinic, and it was successful. SIMPLE COMPOUND COMPLEX