I. Introduction

A. The foundations of the world's present transportation system were created

thousands of years ago.

B. Historical record reveals that the history of transportation can be divided

into three overlapping periods.

1. the use of animals and the wind

2. the use of the external and internal combustion engines

3. the era of air and space travel

II. Historical Review

A. Obviously the earliest method to transport people and/or goods was

on land by foot.

1. smallest circle of mobility

a. distance traveled limited to what you could walk

2. lived your entire life in a small area

B. The next advancement came when man domesticated animals (camels,

oxen, and horses) to carry people and drag loads (sledge).

1. circle of mobility increased slightly

a. distance traveled grew a little; but still very limited

2. development of crude roads and the wheel

3. desert travel became possible

4. period of social and economic growth

C. Next came the discovery that “loads” could be floated on water by using

suitable materials for support.

1. greater circle of mobility

a. travel on water limited to waterways

2. humans began settling near the water

D. Major advancement in transportation systems came when humans

harnessed the natural forces of nature.

1. flowing water and wind energy

a. sail boats and ships

2. circle of mobility increased

a. still limited to waterways

b. populations & towns on waterways increased

3. development of goods being distributed

4. primarily available to the wealthy or adventurous


E. Transportation systems were greatly enhanced with the development of

mechanical means of transmitting energy.

1. external combustion

a. steam engine






2. internal combustion

a. gasoline engine

*horseless carriage

3. electric motors and generators

a. pipelines

b. electric trolley

4. circle of mobility greatly increased

F. The next great step in transportation systems came with the development

of flight, both air and space.

1. use of engines

a. internal combustion (driving propellers)

b. jet

c. rocket

2. circle of mobility is at its greatest

a. able to travel to any point in the world in a matter of hours

G. At this point, with worldwide travel possible, future developments will only

decrease the time it takes to get from one point to another point.