DIGMYIDEA – ‘Pitch Deck’ questions (a quick overview of a business or idea)

  1. Introduction

Mihi. Share with us who you are, where you’re from and why you’re submitting a digital business idea to DIGMYIDEA. (100 words max)

  1. The idea - Product / Service

Every great business that exists today, started from an idea. What is yourdigital business idea? Share with us the vision for your idea and how it will benefit and contribute to the economy. How does your idea benefit Māori and/or other New Zealanders?

(300 words max)

  1. Team

Behind every great idea are great people.Who are the people behind yourdigital business idea and what role doeseach person play?

  1. Problem / Solution

Great ideas often arise when there’s an unmet need in the market. What unmet need does your idea fulfil? What problem are you trying to solve? (150 words max)

  1. Digital Economy

How is your business idea digitally focused? (150 words max)

  1. Market

To successfully sell an idea it’s important that you know your market.Tell us about your target market and how this demographic willbenefit from your product or service? Can you predict the size of your target market?(150 words max)

  1. Competition

Every great idea has a unique selling point. Is your digital business idea unique? Have you checked that it is not being done elsewhere? If it is, tell us why your idea and approach is better?
(150 words max)

  1. Budget / Timeline

Taking an idea to market often needs financial support and robust planning.What is theestimated budget and timeline to take your product or service to market?

Please include details about all aspects of taking your digital business idea to the next level - research and development / marketing and branding / legal / accountancy services / salaries / technology / Rent and office expenses etc…

  1. Closing Comments

Any final words on why DIGMYIDEA should choose you and your digital business idea? (100 words max)

  1. Contact

Please leave contact details for each member of your team and let us know the best way to get in touch with you.Hei konā mai i roto i ngā mihi - Goodbye for now, and thank you for taking part.