Leon (or Leona if you’re a girl)- Tooth Fairy in training.

Mavis- The real Tooth Fairy, about to retire.


Bedroom set up. Dummy of a little girl is tucked into the bed.


Start the scene with Leon practicing sneaking into get the tooth from the dummy. Leon’s watch gets stuck. Mavis comes onto the stage to ask what’s wrong.

Scene Starts

Mavis: What’s the problem, Leon?

Leon: No problem. Well, I’m stuck in her hair.

Mavis: What is stuck in her hair?

Leon: My watch.

Mavis: (annoyed) Hmm. Is jewelry allowed, Leon?

Leon: No. I can explain. I just wanted to time myself.

Mavis: You don’t need to time yourself. If you’ve got your act together and aren’t wearing jewelry, you won’t get caught and you’ll be in and out in 30 seconds!

Leon: I got the tooth!

Mavis: You got the girl’s head stuck in your watch.

Leon: I’ll do better next time.

Mavis: Leon, in two days I’m going to retire. That means, in two days the world will need a New Tooth Fairy. You just aren’t the replacement we need.

Leon: It’s because I’m not magical, isn’t it.

Mavis: Leon…

Leon: The Bureau said you can’t fire me for that.

Mavis: It’s because you suck at the job. You’ve been doing this for 6 months and you still get stuck in windows, trip on toys, and lock yourself in closets! Last week you gave $5.50 to a kid that put legos under his pillow. Leon, these are not outstanding qualities in a tooth fairy.

Leon: I know I need to work on things, but I really want to be the Tooth Fairy!

Mavis: Really?

Leon: Well, I don’t love the name. “Tooth Fairy” isn’t exactly cool. I’d change it to Tooth Master! How does that sounds.

Mavis: Terrible! Why are you applying for this job?

Leon: I’ve been trying to become a Mythological Icon for years! I was almost a fill-in-Santa last year.

Mavis: What happened?

Leon: I broke the sleigh.

Mavis: Anything else?

Leon: I’d rather not discuss it. I just want to focus on being the best tooth fairy that ever pulled a tooth.

Mavis: (horrified) We don’t pull teeth.

Leon: Whatever.

Mavis: Leon, I’m going to be brutally honest.

Leon: Uh-oh.

Mavis: What?

Leon: That’s how Santa started.

Mavis: Some people just aren’t meant to be mythological icons. Do you know how many rabbits they went through before they found the Easter Bunny?

Leon: I know where this is going, and I’m warning you that I have a contract from the Bureau that says I have to be a mythological icon within six months! The terms are unbreakable! I could sue you for all the teeth in China! Goodbye!

Leon storms off. Mavis gets out her cell phone and dials.

Mavis: Bogeyman please. (Pause) Boogs! It’s Mavis. How you been? Great, well listen, you’re retiring next month, right? Have I got the replacement for you!

End Scene