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OhioMeansJobs ELA Scavenger Hunt / TEACHER NAME
Stephanie Schab / PROGRAM NAME
Parma City Schools
[Unit Title]
Essential Component #4: Ongoing Assessment and Learning / NRS EFL(s)
3 – 6
Can be adapted for ABE students / TIME FRAME
180 – 240 minutes
The Instruction / ABE/ASE Standards – English Language Arts and Literacy
Reading (R) / Writing (W) / Speaking & Listening (S) / Language (L)
Foundational Skills / R.3.2 / Text Types and Purposes / Comprehension and Collaboration / S.3.1
S.4.1 / Conventions of Standard English
Key Ideas and Details / Production and Distribution of Writing / Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas / Knowledge of Language
Craft and Structure / Research to Build and Present Knowledge / Vocabulary Acquisition and Use / L.3.4
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas / R.6.5 / Benchmarks identified in RED are priority benchmarks. For a complete list of priority benchmarks and related Ohio ABLE lesson plans, please see the Curriculum Alignments located on the Teacher Resource Center (TRC).
  • Students will gain basic computer navigational skills by completing an in class computerized scavenger hunt, while learning and explore
  • Students will learn how to plan for the future by using and analyzing resources such as to find what components are available to students, and how these components help students to be successful with planning.
  • Students will be able to engage in critical thinking skills by questioning the items that they are researching, and by completing activities that will challenge them to analyze information and use logical and evidenced based reasoning when planning for the future.
  • Students will work on reading and writing skills through reading the article “The Importance of having a Solid Career Plan” and writing a personal 1 paragraph response to their reaction of the article.
  • Teacher observation of student participation in discussion.
  • Warm-up activity (Reflective warm-up)
  • Oral Discussions
  • Independent Assignment (Career Pathways Model)
  • Completion of Ohio Means Jobs scavenger hunt activity
  • Completed handout E
  • Exit Ticket

  • Students should be familiar with basic concepts of government, specifically at the State level
  • Students should have basic computer navigational skills.
  • Students should have some concept of career goals, and planning for the future.
  • Students should be familiar with using graphic organizers.
  • Students should have engaged in critical thinking and evidenced based reasoning prior to this lesson plan.
  • Students should have some experience in writing a paragraph.

  1. Reflective warm-up:
  2. Ask your students, what is the number 1 job that they want? Distribute blank white copy paper (1 copy per student)
  3. Tell them to write downthe number 1 job they want.
  4. Ask them to write down for the first step is to get to that job?
  5. Do they need training for this job?
  6. How long would it take to meet all the requirements to get this job?
  7. What does their Career Pathways model look like?
  8. Ask students to share.
  1. Explain that some of these questions can be challenging and that we have to use resources to find good answers to help plan for the future.
  1. Head to computer lab, or to the computers in your classroom.
  2. Distribute Guided Tour to each student.
  3. Give a small introduction to the OhioMeansJobs website
  4. Have students complete the Guided Tour.
  5. Collect when finished.
  1. Distribute The Importance of Having a Solid Career Plan and highlighters to your students.
  2. As a class, read the article. Have students highlight words or concepts that they would like to discuss.
  3. After the discussion, hand them an Exit Ticket.
  1. Ask your students to reflect back to the beginning of class; has their opinion of career planning changed? Ask students to volunteer answers.
  1. Using a computer, direct students to Career Pathways (
  2. Explain to students that they are going to look at the “full picture.” What occupation am I interested in, and how do I get there?
  3. Tell students the options of career clusters available.
  4. Have students select one occupation (you have the choice to view as a PDF or a PowerPoint). If you have printer access, have student’s print off a copy.
  5. Ask your students to jot down answers to the following questions”
  6. Where am I at in this process?
  7. What should be my next step?
  8. Is this realistic for me?
  1. Making Connections: Distribute the Career Goal Steps graphic organizer to students and ask your students to write a plan of action to get to their goal of their career pathway play. You can use this for the student portfolio and student conferencing.
Computer with Internet access
Projector, ability to project
Computers with Internetaccess for student use
Student copies of Guided Tour
Ohio Department of Education. (n.d.). Guided Tour [PDF file]. Retrieved from
Student copies of The Importance of Having a Solid Career Plan
The Importance of Having a Solid Career Plan. (2014, January 10). Retrieved from
Highlighters for student use
Student copies of Exit Ticket (attached)
Student copies of Career Goal Steps graphic organizer (attached)
Instructor Resource
Ohio Department of Education. (2014, August 29). Ohio Means Jobs K-12: Career Cluster Inventory. Retrieved from
  • Have students partner up with another student to complete the scavenger hunt.
  • Have ABE students work with instructor, or tutor if available.
  • Use Rewordify if the vocabularyis too difficult for your students.

This lesson is also good for ILPs and Career Action Plans.

Career Goal Steps graphic organizer

Ohio ABLE Lesson Plan – OhioMeansJobs Scavenger Hunt