July 16, 2016

3:00 PM


Present:Not Present:

Stefani Garino, PresidentRichard Mates, Vice President

Rob Hart, Secretary

Tom King, Treasurer

Walt Patterson, Director

Jim Scully, Director

Michelle Kuffler, Manager

Dave Jennings, Maintenance


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 3:14pm
  2. Introductions:The Board introduced itself in addition Stefani Garino introduced Michelle Kuffler as the new manager.
  3. Open forum:
  4. Vick/Phelpi: The concern of the lake as a viable source for fire prevention with the shallowness of the lake as it is now. Comments on gaining control of the weeds that are growing abundantly in the lake. Dave Jennings stated the lake has only received approx. 1/4” of silt in 25 years. Michelle is to check in with an Environmentalist to find out a safe way to control the weed growth in the lake.
  5. Dave Jennings stated that he has taken down 18 dead trees and has many more tagged for removal in the fall.
  6. Hart: Michelle stated that there is grant money available to homeowners that sign up with proof that they have trees with beetle kill. The requirement for the association is that the majority of them will need to sign up.
  7. Roads: Mike Olivera is still our contact person and it is recommended that we all call individually to complain about the road in the Association needing to be repaved as the squeaky wheel get the grease. Michelle will post his contact information on the website.
  8. It was mentioned that maybe we could do a place for dogs (on a leash) that homeowners can take them around the common areas since they are not allowed at the lake. The board stated that they would have to look into this further and it would take some time.
  9. A homeowner asked about cell phone towers and the possibility of the Association having one and possibly making money from it as well. Michelle is to contact Big Trees Village manager and ask about the one they just had installed on their property.
  10. It was brought up that the beach needs to be closed during the Annual Clean-up because guests were not cooperative to move their towels and chairs to allow the crew to do cleaning. It was requested to remind the BTVPOA homeowners that they cannot use the lake.
  11. There is a letter that Michelle will post on our website in regards to the Fire Department rating so that our homeowners can obtain a discount on their insurance.
  12. Wayne stated that there is a SPI project behind BTVPOA at this time for fire prevention.
  13. President’s report: Recently mailed to all homeowners and had nothing more at this time.
  14. Treasurer’s report: $156,828.68 in the Operating Account, $95,730.24 in the Reserve Account and $22,664.98 in the CD. At the time of the meeting there were $26,500.92 in outstanding assessments.
  15. Manager’s report: Michelle stated that the Consumer Compliance Water Report made it out on time (6/30). The new website has been up and running for a few weeks and is updated constantly. This has saved the Association $296.35/year and she has full control to update and change things immediately if needed. We have 84 adults and 3 children RSVP for the Annual BBQ/Meeting. Homeowners are still mailing in their choices for receiving email updates or snail mail and we are at 79 for email, 31 for snail mail and 10 to receive both. Michelle stated that she is still working on finding out if we qualify for any of the Fire Prevention fee programs. Currently, work is being done on one side of the Big Trees Village property that is near SSHA property for thinning the forest for fire prevention.
  16. Update on projects completed and/or planned: Pipeline has been completed and all is well.
  17. Vote on IRS requirement to place any unused monies to reserves: We did not have a quorum so we could not vote.
  18. Adjourn:The meeting was adjourned at 3:41pm