Curriculum: SOCIOLOGY

WRITTEN: Spring, 2007, Revised 2011

AUTHORS: Jodie Hausken, Robert Reiser, Steve Kushner, Eric Mollin

Sociology Syllabus


School Year:

Course Number: 234 Course Title: Sociology

Course Description:

Sociology is a study of people and their interactions with groups and institutions. It focuses on roles within groups and institutions and the interpersonal relationships of these roles. This course also contains sociological theory and the topics of social disorganization, cultural variations, and social problems.

Enduring Understandings (the student will understand that):

1. Sociology is comprised of key terms, core concepts, and major theories.

2. Sociological concepts and implications in this field of study apply to his/her own life.

3. There are basic principles of sociological research and experimentation.

4. Sociologists place importance and significance on high ethical and professional standards.

Sociology is the study of how people, behave in groups and it presents us with the opportunity to view human behavior from a different perspective.

5. Social structures are affected by different cultural ideas and experiences.

6. Social inequality has influenced society and affected people according to their status in society.

7. Gender differences and age have resulted in inequalities for some Americans.

8. There are five major social institutions: family, education, political life, the economy, and religion that meet the needs of society.

Credit: ½

Level: 11th and 12th

Prerequisite: None

Area of Study:

Unit I - Sociological Perspectives

Unit II - Culture

Unit III - Socialization

Unit IV - Social Structures

Unit V - Deviance and Social Control

Textbook: Sociology and You, Shepard and Greene, National Textbook Company, 200


Suggested Time Lines:

Unit I -Sociological Perspectives 3 Week

Performance Task: Research a famous figure in Sociology

Unit II -Culture 4 Weeks

Performance Task: Break a Cultural Norm

Unit III -Socialization 3 Weeks

Performance Task: Create a Board Game

Unit IV - Social Structures 3 Weeks

Performance Task: Social Interactions in the 21st Century

Unit V -Deviance and Social Control 4 Weeks

Performance Task: Reflection Essay