Version date: 12/20/2017

Chair’s Recommendation for Regular Faculty Appointment

(use with full-time and part-time regular faculty appointments only)

Primary Department (and Division, if applicable):
Candidate Name, Degrees:
Career Track / Pathways/Domains / Rank / Tenure / Basis
Choose 1 pathway: / Scientist
Physician-Scientist / Assistant Professor
Associate Professor / Professor / TE
Tenured / FT Only
Choose 2 domains: / Clinical
Education / Research
Health Services / Instructor
Assistant Professor / Associate Professor Professor / NTE only / FT / PT>50%
Team Scientist
Choose 1 domain: / Research
Education / Assistant Professor
Associate Professor / Professor / NTE only / FT / PT>50%
Undifferentiated / Not applicable / Instructor
Assistant Professor / NTE only / FT / PT>50%
This form (including narrative sections below) prepared by:


For full-time, regular faculty appointments, please describe the search process using the template below. If requesting a search waiver, then describe your waiver request in place of the search process. If proposing a part-time appointment, this section is not required and you may delete it. However, if you conducted a search to identify a part-time candidate, it is recommended that you document your search process.

Position Description: This search sought to identify [insert brief description of job that was advertised, including key duties and preferred qualifications of ideal applicant; if there were changes to the position compared to what was approved at the time of pre-search, describe this here].

Search Strategy: We advertised the position in [insert posting locations] for a period of [insert duration]. [If there were additional recruitment strategies employed, describe them here.] If there were changes to the search process compared to what was approved in the pre-search, describe that here.

Special Efforts to Identify and Encourage Women/Minority Applicants: We sought women and minority applicants for the position by [insert special efforts to encourage women and minority candidates to apply. NOTE: If members of the search committee called colleagues for referrals or networked at meetings, be specific and name who talked to whom, what professional meetings the networking occurred at, etc.].

Search Results: [Describe any methods the search committee used to narrow the applicant pool and identify finalists.] We interviewed [insert number] candidates as finalists.


Provide a summary of the candidate’s training and qualifications.

We selected Dr. [insert name] because [identify the specific skills and qualifications that make this candidate the preferred one for the position].


Provide a description of the candidate’s academic job expectations. Also include clinical job expectations, if applicable.


Name of Responsible Supervisor:

Mentoring Committee (for tenure-eligible recruitments)

Name of Mentoring Committee Chair:

Names of Mentoring Committee Members:

Name of Division Chief recommending this appointment (if applicable):

Name of Department Chair recommending this appointment: