Most scanners come with their own supplied software. My scanner is a Canon 8800F. It's supplied software is MP Navigator EX. The image modification software that I use is Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

As an example of how an image may be captured and then altered, I will use a recruitment pamphlet given to us for our SRE Catechist group this week. We were given the document as hard copy since the original program in which the document was created did not run in our Apple machines. It came from St Bernadette's Parish at Castle Hill. We were given permission to alter it and use it in our own parish. So initially I began by scanning it as a jpeg document.

Since the initial resolution was only of printout quality I've scanned it at 600 dpi. This would make sure that I could work on the document at high resolution and then converted to a lower resolution pdf.

I then opened the.jpeg file in Adobe photo shop version 7

Selecting the rectangle tool in the Tool palette I drew an oblong area over the white background .

I copied this and pasted it across the section of text that was localised information. This included the words "St Bernadette's" and the list of contacts at the bottom of the page.

Then I flattened the document using the option under the layer heading in the top menu.

Again, I flattened the image. Now, using the eyedropper at the top right hand section of the tool palette, I selected the colour of the text at the top of the page pale arched it to the text colour. Then, selecting the text tool and matching the font I created new words to say "Sacred Heart,. At the bottom of the page new contacts with amended phone numbers and the addition of an e-mail address were added.

After that I performed the same operation on the parish school list to the left inside, this time selecting a section of coloured orange background to perform the obliteration. The image was again flattened and the same localising operation was performed on the text in the area with coloured background.

The new image was then duplicated and two images were aligned vertically so as to create two A5 images on an A4 page after the next conversion.

A picture of our Parish Priest overlays the pointing hand and the image is flattened

The image was then flattened and saved as a PDF file. This both reduced the file size dramatically and returned it to it's A4 format.