Position Description:Executive DirectorOctober 2017

Reports to:Board Chair

Organization Summary

Who We Are

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage (JKFFC) was created by co-founders Ron and Jan Kimble in honor of their daughter, Jamie, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend on Labor Day 2012. Long involved in civic activities, Jan and Ron have rededicated themselves to using Jamie's story to prevent intimate partner violence and to encourage healthy relationships in the lives of everyone, especially youth and young adults. In early 2013, they founded the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage under the auspices of the Foundation for the Carolinas, to support organizations and programs that create a future free of intimate partner violence. In 2014 the JKFFC merged with the eNOugh campaign forging a powerful effort to bring awareness to the issue and highlight innovative programs and communication efforts around the state and region. In 2017, the JKFFC became a 501c (3) organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but with relationships regionally and nationally.

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage works with Foundation grantees and community partners to bring the most effective and innovative intimate partner violence prevention programs to the public. The foundation’spurpose is to fund research and to establish and monitor the success of programs offered by counselors, educators, agencies, law enforcement, and others. The JKFFC does not provide services to those in abusive relationships. Instead, it seeks to identify and support programs that use the most effective prevention strategies.

Why We Matter

The Foundation is committed to education, awareness, prevention and training, especially by teaching young people the warning signs of potential abuse. Its mission is to create a future without intimate partner violence. To make that possible, the organization is dedicated to funding initiatives with defined outcomes that prevent intimate partner violence, that provide educational curriculum for youth and young adults, that promote awareness, and that provide credible research for the exploration of innovative methods to stop intimate partner violence. Initiatives are multi-faceted and span prevention, awareness, education, research.

Structure and Governance

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. The Executive Director will report to the Board Chair, but will interface with all directors as well as key vendor/partners (e.g. CPA/Accounting partner, Web services partner, Events coordinator partner). There is no full-time staff, other than the Executive Director. The organization leverages a committed volunteer base of supporters who coordinate events, speaking engagements, and support fundraising efforts. The Board of Directors meets quarterly, and additionally, as needed.

Position Description

The Executive Director (ED) will provide oversight, management, and coordination of the organization’s operations in fulfillment of the mission. Working closely with the Board, key stakeholders and partners, the ED will be visible in the local and regional community, collaborating with other organizations, donors and partners to further the mission and impact of awareness and prevention programs. Given the recent 501c(3) status, the organization is in a growth mode and benefits from strong community support, endorsement and contacts. Individuals interested in either full or part time are encouraged to apply.

Key responsibilities:

  • Relationship-building and stakeholder engagement. At the forefront, the ED will professionally represent the organization with key corporate, government, and community leaders. Given the positive reception of the foundation’s mission, programs, and sponsor-partnered events, the continual nurturing of key relationships is paramount, and in strong coordination with the Board and founders to represent a unified and coordinated organization.
  • Fundraising and development. Leveraging the current relationships (sponsors), donor base, and general supporters, the ED will be responsible for designing and implementing an overarching fundraising and development strategy, including establishing goals, measuring and evaluating activities against results, donor recognition/engagement strategies, and grant-writing.
  • Financial stewardship and operations. Working with the Board chair and Board of Directors, the ED will manage the operations and compliance requirements,serve as the custodian of documents and financials in accordance with the by-laws to ensure a healthy, sustainable operation.
  • Board engagement and coordination.The ED will plan and coordinate all Board meetings, with the Board Chair. Duties include agenda preparation and record keeping. Outside of formal meetings, the ED will ensure strong and effective communication including regular updates and information pertinent to the Board and the Foundation’s visibility and relevance in the community.
  • Volunteer oversight. Given the strong committee structure and Board engagement, the ED will develop a volunteer engagement plan, including how to re recruit volunteers and leverage outside resources to best serve the mission. Volunteers remain an untapped potential with the appropriate structure and oversight.
  • Communications and Marketing. Central to the mission of the foundation is the awareness and education of the broader issues surrounding intimate partner violence (IPV). The ED will develop and implement a communications and marketing plan, including maintenance of the Web site, social media, media relations, collateral, sponsor requests, speaker series and materials. Working with external partners/vendors and volunteers, the ED will leverage resources to execute a coordinated and integrated communications effort. Annually, the ED will measure effectiveness of the foundation’s grants and other programs producing an “impact report” (e.g., annual report) to share with the Board and key funders, supporters.

Qualifications and Essential Skills

Education level:Four year undergraduate degree

Successful candidates will demonstrate their experience and skill in the following areas.

  1. Fundraising and development: strategy development, proven implementation and execution, examples of measurable results, examples of innovative/creative tactics, grant-writing skills
  2. Relationship and stakeholder engagement: proven approach, results and collaborative style
  3. Communication: strong and proven written and verbal skills, experience in public speaking, and effective facilitation of meetings
  4. Management: ability to manage with limited resources, engage multiple and varied audience levels (corporate to grass-roots), experience as a self-starter, ability to manage external vendors/partners, demonstrated ability to work with Board of Directors

Salary and compensation package negotiable based on experience level and credentials.

How to Apply:

  1. Individuals interested in applying for the position should submit their resume & cover letter to
  2. State “Application for Executive Director” in Subject Line of email message

Application Deadline: February 15, 2018

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage is an equal opportunity employer.