MI-ACE Women’s Network

2017-18IR Micro-Grant Program Guidelines

The MI-ACE Women’s Network has long valued the role of the IRs in promoting the mission of the Network at their institutions. Among the key responsibilities of the IR role include:

  • Enlist the support of other women at your institution by assessing needs and facilitating institutional professional development programming that represents the mission of the MI-ACE Women’s Network.
  • Establish and/or collaborate with other campus programs/activities focusing on women.
  • Educate women at your institution about the Network’s mission and major initiatives.

The Network also realizes that time and financial resources are major challenges for IRs to fulfill their roles.Acknowledging the financial challenge, the MI-ACE Executive Board has again approved a $2,000 micro-grant fund in FY 2017-18 to encourage IRs to hold campus-based programs/activities/events that support the mission of MI-ACE and their role as IRs. Micro-grant awards will range from $250-$500 and are to be used exclusively during 2017-18 (July 2017-June 2018).

MI-ACE Women’s Network Mission

In concert with the American Council on Education’s (ACE’s) Office of Inclusive Excellence Group, the Michigan ACE Women’s Network is committed to improving the general climate and professional environment for women by identifying, developing the leadership of, encouraging, advancing, linking/networking, and supporting women in higher education throughout the state.

Application Guidelines

  • Proposal must be campus-based and support the mission of MI-ACE (above) and Role of IR. (
  • The primary target audience of the application should be women faculty and staff at your institution.
  • Must be a member of MI-ACE in order to submit application and receive award.
  • If applicant has applied and received grants before:
  • A maximum of 2 awards may be approved for one institution within 5 years.
  • Grants are for new or expanded activities: not for subsidizing regular ongoing activities.
  • If requesting funds the secondtime, must demonstrate how the scope of the project is different from the first grant approved or is a substantial expansion of the first project.
  • All requirements were met for the first grant received.
  • Exclusion: Scholarships for MI-ACE and ACE events (For scholarships, go to
  • Complete the application form
  • Attach program/activity/event budget
  • Attach institutional profile (mission and community served).
  • Application deadline: September 30, 2017. If funds remain following this round, a second application deadline of November 30, 2017 will be announced.

Follow-up Grant Award Report

To ensure accountability as well feedback from IRs regarding use and amount of funds, a follow up report is requested within 30 days after conclusion of program/activity/event including:

  • Results of program/activity/event evaluation conducted by IRs, including attendance, whether goals were met, what worked and what didn’t work.
  • Expense report including receipts
  • Whether grant funds (and matching funds if provided), were sufficient to cover expenses and achieve objectives.