New Jersey Sports Assigning Bureau (NJSAB)

Recreational Umpire Procedures

·  All assignments are published online at All umpires and schools have access to the assignments and schedule at all times. Officials are required to get an login ID and password (for group #102711) and maintain updated availability and travel limits throughout the season. If your calendar shows open and you are offered an assignment within your travel limits, we expect you to accept. If you cannot accept an assignment, email the NJSAB immediately detailing the reason for the declined assignment. The NJSAB monitors all declined assignments and preferences in games will be granted to those who keep their availability up to date.

·  Schedule conflicts should be resolved as soon as they occur. No umpire should switch or replace his own dates. All changes must be approved by the NJSAB. Turnbacks should be handled in one of three ways depending on the timing:

1.  Game is more than 24 hours away - Send an email to the NJSAB detailing the reason for your turned back assignment

2.  Game is less than 24 hours away - Send an email to the NJSAB detailing the reason for your turned back assignment and call the assigners (in the order listed below) until you reach one.

3.  Game is less than 3 hours away - Immediately call the assigners (in the order listed below), your partner and the home coach (if the information is available) and alert them of the situation.

·  Umpires are not permitted to "double book" and should honor their initial commitments. Interscholastic assignments do NOT take precedence over recreational assignments.

·  When a conflict arises between two assignments due to a time or date change, umpires should always honor the assignment that remains unchanged, regardless of level.

·  Officials may self-assign most assignments. All self-assignments are reviewed and subject to change by the NJSAB. Please do not self-assign more than three games per school, per level.

·  Telephone or email your partner at least 24 hours before a game. If your partner calls you and leaves a message – CALL HIM BACK! Confirm with your partner the date, time and location of your game. Let the NJSAB know via email if you can’t confirm with your partner by the morning of the scheduled game.

·  If the information is available in the Arbiter, umpires must each take the responsibility for checking the game status with the home coach by the morning of the game (for some leagues, information is NOT available). Be sure you know how to get to the sites of your games. Be respectful and act professionally when interacting with all coaches and team personnel.

·  In case of an emergency, umpires should always have in their possession the phone numbers of their partner, the assigners and the home coach (if available).

·  In case of inclement weather, refer to the chart detailing rainout procedures by league on the Officials Information Page.

·  Wear the proper uniform – matching shirts and gray slacks for all levels of baseball and softball. Umpires should match the shades of gray pants when possible.

·  Arrive at the game at least 30 minutes before the start time. Never park near the entrance or gate; rather, park well away from fans, coaches, and team busses.

·  Have a good pregame conference with your partner. Discuss mechanics and procedures with your partner.

·  Arrive at home plate on the field at least 10 minutes prior to the game time. Discuss ground rules and safety with the coaches.

·  Act professionally and responsibly during the game. Do not use profanity. Do not use tobacco. Do not engage in unnecessary nor unprofessional dialog with anyone.

·  Notify the NJSAB via email if an umpire is late or absent, or a game is forfeited, rained out, or canceled. The NJSAB should be given the first opportunity to reassign the umpire if a game is canceled in advance.

·  Any serious incident should be reported to the NJSAB by phone as soon as possible. All ejections should be reported via telephone immediately after the game. Ejection reports must be submitted in writing within 24 hours.

Alex Skandalis – 908-432-4543,

Steve Leonardo – 973-945-8370,

Created - February 23, 2010