A dvancement
V ia
I ndividual
D etermination
High School Coordinators
Denise Peterson (VMHS)

Denise Guzman (Mesa)

Amanda Mayfield (MV)

District Director: Student Services
Mary Walters


Name of Student: School Year:

As an AVID student with college goals, I understand and agree to the following guidelines:

1. I will participate in AVID for four years, maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA throughout.

2. I will complete all assigned work, and come prepared for all classes. An average of two hours of study per night is common, with additional time spent reading and reviewing for tests.

3. I will be an active learner and class participant. I will be attentive and take at least one page of focused Cornell notes and/or textbook notes for each academic class daily.

4. I will come prepared to tutorials and study groups. I will have in my possession all my class notes, handouts, texts and any other necessary materials. I will maintain an organized notebook and use a planner.

5. I am aware that tutorials and study groups are not replacements for homework time. I understand that they are study sessions with aid from college tutors. The tutorial goals include the clarification of ideas, concepts, and problems which are difficult to reach working alone. I, as a member of the group, will help others and in turn, will receive help from members of my group. I do not expect the tutors to “give me the answers”, but instead to lead the group to discover our own answers.

6. I will “keep on top” of my grades in each class by taking responsibility for my own learning. I will maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes. If I do not understand something or find myself falling behind, I will request help from my teacher and/or my tutor and study group members. If required, I will attend additional intervention outside of my regular class schedule and acknowledge that lack of attendance can result in exit from the program.

7. I am aware that AVID is also a class. I will complete all AVID writing assignments and prepare for and take college entrance exams such as the PSAT, ASPIRE, ACT and the SAT.

8. I will participate in class activities such as teambuilding and field-trips and acknowledge that to attend field-trips I must meet the 2.5 minimum GPA requirement.

9. I realize that college prep courses are challenging and that I may be required to repeat a class if significant progress is not made. This will require attendance of summer school and/or doubling up on courses to meet all graduation and A-G requirements. I will attend summer school if necessary, and maintain enrollment in college preparatory classes.

10. Realizing I must be able to handle college level work, I will try to take at least one advanced or AP level course every year. By senior year, I will have taken or be enrolled in at least one AP course.

11. Being in AVID is a privilege and I take my enrollment in the program as an honor. I will behave accordingly in all classes and in activities where I represent Murrieta Mesa High School.

12. I will participate as an active AVID club member, which includes fundraising activities. I understand that fundraising for the AVID program helps support program supplies, tutors, field-trips, and scholarship opportunities.


Student Signature

We agree to support the efforts of this student in meeting the goals outlined above.


AVID Elective Teacher Parent/Guardian Signature