Adnan Mustafa, pharmacist

Date of birth: 18 June 1960

Place of birth: Dumnica e Poshtme, Podujevë

Secondary School: Podujevë/ Kosova 1975-1979

Faculty of Pharmacy: BelgradeUniversity/ Yugoslavia 1979-1987

Institute of OccupationalMedicine, Head of Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, Obiliq February-1987-June 1987

MilitaryAcademy of Medicine Belgrade-September 1987-May 1988

Institute of OccupationalMedicine, Head of Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, Obiliq May-1987-December 1987

Faculty of Medicine-Resident pharmacist in Clinical Chemistry, Prishtina December 1989-December 1991

Private pharmacy “Medaur”, Head pharmacist; Podujevë 1991-March 1999

Pharmaciens Sans Frontieres, Head pharmacist in Prishtina UCC; June 1999-May 2000

World Health Organization-Hospital Pharmacist; Humanitarian Office Prishtina, May 2000-October 2001

Private pharmacy“Brecaliapharm”, Responsible pharmacist; Podujevë, October 2001-November 2001

Institute of Occupational Medicine, Head of Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, Obiliq, December 2001-September 2002

Wholesaler “Farmed” Prishtinë, Responsible pharmacist for Essential Drugs and Medical Consumables September 2002-September 2004.

B&M Company, Prishtinë, Head of Commercial Sector; September 2004-December 2005

Medaur pharmacy, Prishtinë, Director, December 2005 -

Activities and duties

Hospital pharmacy management in PrishtinaHospital; July 1999-May 2000

  • Coordinating reconstruction of Central Pharmacy
  • Establishing procedures for receiving and issuing of drugs in pharmacy
  • Establishing special issuing procedures for expensive drugs
  • Establishing stock keeping records (manually and computerized)
  • Arranged warehouse areas in Central Pharmacy
  • Prepared Action Plan
  • Started reorganization of departmental pharmacies
  • Prepared organigram of Central Pharmacy
  • Participated on development of new “Medication Treatment Sheet” for hospital patients
  • Wrote Job description for all Central pharmacy staff
  • Organized daily work in Central pharmacy

Central Pharmacy of Prishtina UCC and RegionalHospital Pharmacies, May 2000-October 2001

  • Made Action Plans for all regional hospital pharmacies
  • Developed and made introduction of procedures for receiving and issuing of drugs
  • Advised hospital pharmacy staff on stock keeping records (computerized and manual)
  • Trained pharmacy staff on computer stock-keeping records in coordination with PSF training team
  • Advised hospital management team and pharmacy staff of GjakovaHospital in reconstruction of Hospital pharmacy
  • Made introduction and advised doctors and nurses in Prishtina, Gjakova and PejaHospitals on “Medication Treatment Sheet”
  • Organized survey on “Use of parenteral fluids in ICU of Prizren Hospital”

Coordination activities in WHO, May 2000-October 2001

  • Chaired monthly CoordinationHospital pharmacy meetings (until January 2001)
  • Weekly coordination meeting on drug management with PSF training team until end of September 2000
  • Assisted UNMIK Drug System Supply Manager on collecting, evaluation and coordination activities regarding hospital drug procurement and supply
  • Coordination activities with NGO drug donators as: PSF, Project Hope, Saudi Joint Relief Committee, Cordaid, MSF.

Drugs and Therapeutics Committee of Prishtina UCC and UNMIK-WHO Task Group on Drug Selection, January 2000-October 2001

  • Participated in development of Hospital Essential Drugs List and Treatment Protocols for PrishtinaHospital
  • Made up-to-date of WHO Essential Drug List for Kosova hospitals
  • Participated in development and implementation of “Medication Treatment Sheet” in hospitals
  • Participated in development and up to date of Kosova Essential Drug List for Primary Health Care
Training programs
  • Developed and conducted training courses for nurses in PrishtinaUniversityHospital and 4 regional hospitals on “Administration of parenteral drugs”
  • Conducted several training courses on rational drug use for doctors of “Family Medicine Program” and nurses in primary health care
  • During a year 2001 conducted two training courses on rational drug use for nurses from minority areas of Kosova

Kosova Pharmaceutical Society, 1999-2007

  • November 1999-November 2000, President of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society
  • November 2000-January 2005, Member of the Board of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society
  • January 2000-2005, Chairman of Section for Professional and Scientific Development of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society
  • June 2000-October 2000, made reorganization of Society (prepared draft of the Statute of ShFarmK)
  • June 2001-September 2001, Head of the Commission for Code of Ethics of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society
  • Organized several meetings on reorganization, pharmaceutical policy information and Good Pharmacy Practice issues.
  • Organized professional seminar on “Drugs during pregnancy” and “Self-medication”.
  • Organized and analyzed survey on “Use of parenteral fluids in Intensive Care Unit” in PrizrenHospital
  • Prepared, organized, collected and analyzed data of survey on “Use of drugs during pregnancy”
  • Designed software in MS Access for survey “Use of drugs during pregnancy”
  • Prepared, organized, collected and analyzed data of survey on “Pharmacists and pharmacies in Kosova” 2003
  • Prepared, organized, collected and analyzed data of survey on “Tobacco use” -31 May 2004
  • Editor in Chief of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society’s journal “Farmacia” since January 2004
  • Head of commission for organizing of the Professional Conference of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society (October 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
  • Drafting the new Statute of Kosova Pharmaceutical Society (2007)
Kosova Drug Formulary
  • Editor in chief of the first Kosova Drug Formulary (Formulari i Barnave i Kosoves 1/2001)
  • Member of The Supervising Team for editing of The Kosova Drug Formulary
  • Translation from English and preparation of several drug monographs for The Kosova Drug Formulary
Ministry of Health
  • Member of The Department for Continual Professional Development of MoH (2002-2006)
  • Member of The Essential Drug List Committee (2001 and 2005)
  • Drug Management Coordinator of TB Program in MoH (June - July 2006)
Private pharmacies
  • Responsible for day-to-day work in pharmacy
  • Preparing orders for drugs
  • Receiving and dispensing drugs
  • Pharmacy counseling
  • Maintaining bookkeeping records
  • Preparing of galenic preparations
Clinical chemistry laboratory
  • Organizing daily work
  • Designing work schedule for laboratory technicians
  • Performing quality control and calibration of tests
  • Preparing reagents for analysis
  • Maintenance of laboratory equipments
  • Checking and verifying tests performed in laboratory
Warehousing and Distribution Management of Essential Drugs in “Farmed”
  • Supervising of warehousing and distribution of Essential Drugs in “Farmed”
  • Preparing procedures for warehousing and distribution of drugs and medical material
  • Evaluation of requests for drugs and medical material for distribution
  • Managing of computerized stock management of drugs and medical material
  • Maintenance of relation with Pharmaceutical Division of MoH and public health institutions

Professional surveys and articles

  • “Use of parenteral fluids in Intensive Care Unit of Prizren Hospital” – Adnan Mustafa and Muharem Rama; WHO Prishtina, 2000
  • “Drug use During Pregnancy Survey”, Adnan Mustafa et al.; WHO Prishtina and Kosova Pharmaceutical Society, 2001
  • “Distribution of Antiinfectives in Kosova hospitals during 18 months period”, Adnan Mustafa, October 2004
  • “Quantitative HPLC determination of some paracetamol tablets”, Dr. Shukri Lepaja and Adnan Mustafa (First ever HPLC analysis of drugs in Kosova), September 2004
  • “Analysis of Drugs Provisionally Registered with Kosova Medicines Agency”, Adnan Mustafa, Kosova Pharmaceutical Society, September 2005
  • “Medicines Price Survey in Kosova”, Zanfina Ademi MPharm MPH and Adnan Mustafa MPharm, May 2007, Ministry of Health supported by WHO Office in Kosova
  • Prepared and translated more than 100 professional and scientific articles for website
  • Translation of a hundreds of patient information leaflets, summary product characteristics and other publications for drug manufacturers (Hoffmann La Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Bosnalijek, Bayer, Berlin-Chemie Menarini Group, Jadran Galenski Laboratorij, Farmalogist, Dr. Falk).
  • Participated in various national and international educational professional programs for health professionals (Pharmacy World Congress in Cairo, symposia, conferences) and internet based continual professional education

Computer skills:

  • MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, MS Access, MS FrontPage, Adobe Photo Shop, Corel Draw 12, Adobe Page Maker, Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Fireworks,etc), MS Outlook, etc
  • Web design and development
  • Design of small programs in MS Access
  • Webmaster and editor of website

Language skills:

  • Albanian-native
  • English-excellent
  • Serbian-Croatian-excellent

Contact address:

Adnan Mustafa

Ulpiana D7/I/8 Prishtinë

e-mail: , or

home phone: +381 (0)38 555 237

office phone/fax: +381 (0)38 24 77 25

mobile: +386 (0)49 85 77 80; +377 (0)44 166 590