Honors Biology - Research Poster Presentation: Genetic Disorders

Disorders, or diseases, manifest themselves in different ways, but for this project you will research a disorder that is genetic in origin and report your findings in a poster format.

TLW research a genetic disorder and report in a poster presentation format as is commonly done in college and university-level science classes.

1. Choose a genetic disorder from the list below:
Hemophilia Tay-Sachs disease Williams syndrome
Sickle cell disease Cri du chat Klinefelter syndrome
Achondroplasia Huntington’s disease Cystic fibrosis
Fragile X Down’s syndrome Turner syndrome
Coeliac disease Charot-Marie-Tooth Prader-Willi syndrome

2. Verify your topic choice with your teacher
(No more than two people may do the same disorder per class, you may not do the same disorder as your friend/partner, this is a completely individual project.)
3. Find out everything that you can about your topic, using a minimum of three different sources.
4. Write a paper about your chosen disorder that covers the following topics.
If there are other important issues associated with your chosen disorder that are not listed below include those as well. Have at least three visual aids (all from print media) accompany your presentation.
a. what is the genotype of this disorder?
b. What is happening with the DNA to cause these phenotypic effects?
c. What are the phenotypic effects of this disorder?
d. How is this disorder inherited?
e. Are there carrier forms and/or lethal forms of this disorder?
f. How can this disorder be treated?
g. how can this disorder be avoided?

5. Print out the name of your disorder, the above questions and your responses to the above questions. Print or copy your visual aids. Attach your paper, visual aids and bibliography to a sheet of poster board in such a way that the information is easy to read and visually appealing.

Today is the only day you will have computer time or class time to work on this project. Use your time wisely. What you don’t finish in class today will need to be completed as homework. Final projects are due Feb. 10 (one week from today). You will need to have your poster in class on that day to receive full credit as we will be using them for a class activity.