Ms. Rico: Dance, Room 202

COURSE DESCRIPTION:Dance, is a course designed to give the student a brief introduction to various popular forms of dance. In addition, the students will learn how toexecute choreographed routines, as well as learn the fundamentals of creating their own original choreography in large and small groups. Historical perspectives, terminology, routines and discussion of the students personal experiences, will be documented in journals. We will focus on the following themes:

  • Locomotor Dance Fundamentals, Introduction to Choreography
  • Ballet/Modern/Contemporary and Jazz Dance
  • Hip-Hop and Cultural Dances
  • Final Group Project

SUCCESS IN DANCE will depend on the following:

  1. Proper attire
  2. Excellent attendance
  3. Complete classwork: Assignments done on time
  4. Pass skills tests
  5. Active participation in class

REQUIRED MATERIALS – to bring to class everyday:

  1. Proper Dance Attire: Official North Park PE shirt and long black or grey yoga/ fitness pants, comfortable dance shoes, hair tied back, no jewelry that will interfere with the dance experience. NO street shoes, sandals, or Uggs will be permitted on the dance floor. Warm-ups will be done barefoot.
  2. Composition notebook for journaling.
  3. Pencil/Pen, highlighter, eraser
  • Be in your assigned area, at work, and when the instructor begins class.
  • Be alert and pay attention in class
  • Give verbal contributions to class discussions
  • Be open to each other’s differences and styles of dance without judgment


a. Clean up after yourself and floor space.

b. Wait for me to dismiss you.


  1. Absences:You are responsible for EVERYTHING assigned in class, even if you are absent. When you return from an excused absence, YOU MUST find out what you missed.
  2. Tardies:If you are not in class as per standard PE Policy, you are tardy.

Make-ups: It is the students responsibility to SEE INSTRUCTOR for individual make-up assignments. (Note: NO MAKE-UPS FOR TRUANCY)


Daily Class Assignments (70%)

Journals, Quizzes, Tests, Routines (30%)

Letter Grade A=100-90% B=89-80% C=79-70% D=69-60% F=below 69%

**At the end of each Semester there will be an evening “Final Showcase” of our dance routines learned throughout the semester. Your student’s attendance is mandatory—this is absolutely required to pass the final. I expect him/her to be there. Family emergencies will be handled accordingly.


A good citizenship grade will depend on excellent attendance, active completion of daily assignments in class, no tardies, no truancies, and an outstanding attitude. In addition, when the teacher is talking, students are expected to stop, look, listen and follow directions. This is not the time for walking around the room, talking with friends, or personal grooming. A mutual respect for one another will be established, as well as a positive and welcoming environment.


PLEASE DETACH AND RETURN bottom portion to Ms. Rico

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I have read the Student Parent Information Sheet for Ms. Rico’s class, and I agree to support my child as much as possible in complying with the class policies and procedures.

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