New Application Questionnaire

General Application Information
Name of Application:
Associate Project Name:
Primary IT Contact: / Primary User Contact:
This is a: / / New Application?
/ An add-on to an existing application? Please list the application and its dependencies:
/ Migration of an existing application (moving from old system or old platform). Please attach the migration plan.
Does the application require connections or interfaces to or from other existing systems? (I.e. Data from another system, FTP file transfers, etc.) / / No
/ Yes – Please identify:
Are there any known/outstanding application issues or compatibility problems? / / No
/ Yes – Please elaborate:
Whatis the proposed installation, testing andgo-live timeframe?
Will this server house sensitive information (i.e. SSNs, credit card numbers student grades, PHI, etc…)? / / No
/ Yes
Could the application pull from existing data stores?
/ No / / Yes – Please explain:
Is stored information encrypted?
/ No / / Yes – Please explain:
Is data encrypted in transmission?
/ No / / Yes – Please explain:
The following questions are required for New Applications Only.
What department(s) will be served by application?
What is the expected number of end-users? / Named: / Concurrent:
What is the expected number of administrative users?
Please describe the expected number and type of transactions.
Is the application related to an existing application?
Vendor Information
Vendor Name
Contact Information
Support Contact Information
What is your customer base, i.e. Industry, number of customers, etc.?
How large is your support staff?
What support options are available?
Hours of operation?
Please provide system\application documentation.
Will this server require vendor management via a Vendor-VPN account or VPN tunnel? / / No
/ Yes / Do we have a valid contract/business agreement with the vendor concerning the security of UT data?
/ No / / Yes
Is this application supported directly or exclusively by the vendor? / / No
/ Yes / If so, does the application phone home when something breaks?
/ No / / Yes
Server/Storage Hardware Requirements
What are the minimum and recommended hardware and software specifications?
Does the vendor support: / / VMware / / Blade Hardware
Please list any unique hardware requirements? (I.e. dongles, keys, phone lines, etc.)
If this application grow after it is fully configured and in production, please list the projected network and storage needs for the next 2 years?
Does the vendor support: / / SAN - ISCI / How many luns need to be created and what are the specifications for them
/ SAN - Fiber / How many ports will the server require (Standard is two ports per server)?
/ Local Disk / Are there any specific drive partitioning requirements
Are there any extended data retention requirements? / / No
/ Yes / How long does data need to be saved when the system or application is retired?
Operating System and & Software Requirements
What Operating Systems and versions are supported?
What type of user interface does the application utilize / / Web Client
/ Client/Server
What services will the application require?
/ Web Services / What versions do you support?
What type of files will you be serving?
What type of authentication will you need?
How much disk space will need to be allocated for the web files?
Do you support SSL? / / No / / Yes
/ File Share / What is it used for?
What type of users will need to access it?
How much disk space will need to be allocated for the file share?
/ Database / List the database versions that are compatible?
What SQL Server services are required: / / Database
/ Reporting
/ Integration Services
/ Analysis Services
Does the application require the default instance of SQL Server? / / No / / Yes
Can the database be on a separate physical server from the application server? / / No / / Yes
How much disk space will need to be allocated for the database?
/ Messaging
/ Printing
/ Other
Is any third party software required? / / No / / Yes – Please identify:
How are application patches handled / What is the typical patching methodology?
Are all upgrades and patches certified, meaning there are no “test” or “beta” objects in the release? / / No / / Yes
Does the vendor approve or disapprove OS patches? / / No / / Yes – How will we be notified?
What files, services, and registry entries are added to the windows operating system as a result of installing the software?
Are there any log files generated by the software and where are they stored on the server?
How are user accounts handled with the application (Active Directory integrated, Local Database, etc)?
Does the application require any unique features, such as requiring a user account to be logged in at all times? / / No / / Yes – Please Explain:
Does the application require high-availability features? / / No / / Yes / Which is support and\or recommended?
/ Cluster
/ Load Balancing
/ Replication
/ Other
Network Information
What Ethernet Ports are needed?
/ iSCSI interface / Quantity
/ Public client interface / Quantity
/ Cluster interface / Quantity
/ Other / Quantity
Is external access to this server required (i.e. from outside the UT Network boundaries)? / / No / Is access authenticated and is authentication encrypted?
Yes / No / Yes
Please explain what users will need access (i.e. UTAD users, public, etc…)
Will services be made off-campus now or in the future? / / No / / Yes
Will server need ssl offload services? / / No / / Yes / How will this be accomplished?
Will server need to be firewalled off from rest of production network? / / No / / Yes / What ports/protocols need to be opened?
Back-Up / Disaster Recovery Information
What is the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for this server (i.e. how much data could be lost if it had to be recovered from tape)? / Days
What is the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for this server (i.e. how long could business operations be sustained while waiting for the server to be recovered)? / Days
Note: If this is a critical clinical application that has recoverability requirement of 24 hours or less please provides vendor approved high availability options that would utilize a dual data-center topology.
Will a standard backup consisting of a nightly incremental backup of the entire file system meet system needs? / / Yes
/ No / Identify specific back-up needs.
Note: Windows clients include a system state backup. If a direct database backup is required please include database server information.
Are there any vendor supported options for disaster recovery? / / No
/ Yes / Please identify and provide details
Pleaseprovide vendor best practice information and guidelines for data loss prevention and disaster recovery.
Are special backup agents, other than TSM, required? / / No
/ Yes – Please Indentify:
Please provide system and application information that could be used to properly add systems health and availability monitoring alerting. Information gathered will be used to configure our monitoring systems which will send pages and alert emails to systems support personnel as issues are detected. This will help to ensure systems availability and functionality as well as capturing historical performance data that could be used to diagnose issues.
Identify public interface network needed. (i.e. 2.x, 80.x, 82.x)
How many ip’s will be needed on which networks and which mac addresses will be seen on each network?
Which rack in which data center is server located in?
If HSC data center which switches and ports will need to be activated?
What are the host names
Are DNS Alias needed?
Have remedy asset, vpn, firewall, etc. requests been submitted?
Who will be the primary contact for this host if additional information is needed?
Will this host require a high volume of ip addresses as in the case of a VM server such as the virtual desktop environment?
What is the primary function of this server and what subnet/network does it make most sense for this to be placed on?
If hardware has been identified to provide complete remedy quick asset record information (i.e. make, model, type, Mac, serial, etc.)
Please identify the servers that will need backup clients installed listing install base OS informationand number of cpu cores as needed.
Note: The IBM Tivoli file system client (TSM) is licensed by cpu core. All Virtual's are covered by the physical server cpu license and do not need to be individually licensed.
If this system is dependent on other systems? / / No
/ Yes / Please identify and provide details on approved recovery requirements.
Filled out By: / Reviewed By:
Date: / Date:

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