You have to be very .... when dealing with people from other countries as you may offend them if not careful.

A. thought-provoking

B. thoughtful

C. tactful

D. fair-minded

I feel really .... by not getting the job. I really prepared for the interview and feel qualified so I do not understand what happened.

A. let down

B. missed out

C. turned down

D. rejected away

My husband often tries to .... doing the housework because he hates it so much.

A. get away with

B. get through to

C. get out of

D. get round to

Which word is NOT formulated correctly?

A. professionality

B. stability

C. influential

D. affluent

I really like our new boss. I had thought he would be .... but he is really down to earth.

A. stepping on my toes

B. a show-out

C. filled with himself

D. big-headed

I love my best friend to death but we often .... over politics - we stand for completely different things.

A. fail to hit it off

B. fail to see eyes to eyes

C. have cross words

D. have a heavy discussion

Which word is NOT correct?

A. breadth

B. strenght

C. height

D. deafness

Many celebrities (especially women) are choosing this moment to .... themselves by following the ME TOO movement.

A. stand for

B. stand up for

C. stand by

D. stand against

The unknown actor could not believe his luck when he .... a role in the new Danny Boyle film.

A. served

B. landed

C. found

D. cast

Will you help me .... next week? I am moving house and could do with an extra pair of hands.

A. along

B. around

C. in

D. out

Which words do NOT collocate?

A. widely believed

B. painfully shy

C. absolutely scary

D. bitterly disappointed

Which words do NOT collocate?

A. painfully aware

B. heavily dependent

C. terribly good

D. highly rich

A number of workers have been .... due to the recession.

A. sacked

B. quit

C. laid off

D. fired

If I am tired in lessons, I often need extra time to ...., so I always take good notes so that I can study them again when I feel refreshed.

A. mull things over

B. take things in

C. get over things

D. work things over

Which word is NOT correct (related to learning)?

A. pupil

B. cramming

C. deskmate

D. mock

Which sentence is WRONG?

A. Only graduates may apply for this position.

B. I was not concentrated when I took my exam.

C. Her parents were so proud when she graduated.

D. My grades were not as good as I had hoped.

The only advantage of working 9 to 5 in my opinion is that after ..... you have your entire evening free.

A. ticking off

B. clocking off

C. swiping off

D. finishing off

I loved NYC because it was ..... and full of life.

A. touristy

B. crowded

C. bustling

D. tacky

Stuart and Mary had to .... their honeymoon due to a death in his family. The travel company offered no refund or exchange so they had no other choice.

A. put off

B. call off

C. set by

D. leave off

How many are correct? 1. Fall out with someone 2. Fall for someone 3. Fall for something 4. Fall into something

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. All four