Dean, Director, Department Head
Letter Head

Date:Month, Day, Year

To:Pet Owner/Guardian Name

From:Dean, Director, or Department Head

Subject:Exception to the Pet Animals on Campus Policy

CC:Department of Environmental Health and Safety File

As the pet owner/guardian of ______, I understand that I am expected to be responsible for control of this animal and for minimizing any adverse effect that her/his presence may have on the work environment for which I have been granted an exception to the Florida State University Pet Animals on Campus Policy. I will ensurethe following conditions are met:

  • Compliance with all relevant Leon County and City of Tallahassee ordinances and Florida laws.
  • That my pet is protected, safe and well cared for at all times.
  • The petwill be confined to my personal area and under direct control of a responsible person at all times.
  • The rights of others to use the facility will not be diminished in any way.
  • That no additional resources and/or costs for having the pet on campus will be incurredby the University.
  • Any necessary sweeping, vacuuming or filtering of return air to control animal fur and dander will be performed by me. University Facilities personnel should not have to perform any additional modifications or work to address these items.
  • Flea and tick prevention or control measures will be performed on my pet and/or in the work area as required.
  • Required vaccinations will remain up-to-date and records will be readily available for review.
  • Noise and other disturbances or complaints which could be disruptive to other building occupants will be addressed promptly. This may include invoking plans to minimize the problem such as the pet attending behavioral therapy classes or utilizing other controls such as bark collars. Remedies will be actively pursued or the pet will be removed until the disturbance can be mitigated or adequately addressed.
  • A sign will be prominently posted at the entrance to the area where the pet is located to warn others who may have issues with the pet being present. This sign shall state the type of pet, breed or size and provide the owner’s/guardian’s contact information. It will clearly communicate to the reader that if they require access and are uncomfortable with animals, have allergies, etc.; the pet will be temporarily relocated, removed or alternative arrangements will be made which are convenient and agreeable to all parties.

This exception is a conditional approval. University administrators will be obligated to revokeit if any conditions are not being honored, violations are found, or changes are made to the Florida State University Pet Animals on Campus Policy that would not permit me to have my pet on campus.

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