Economics majors studying abroad:

Congratulations on having been accepted into a Study Abroad program. We in the Department of Economics & Accounting would like to make sure that we have a system of open communication with you so you can make informed decisions concerning courses, with no surprises when you return.

Contact: Our new Study Abroad Advisor for Economics is Professor Gottschang (). All inquiries should be directed to him. Professor Gottschang has the authority to approve courses and determine their levels.

Information: When looking for course approval, please send Professor Gottschang the following information.

1.  Name of school / program you are attending

2.  Course name, in the original language

3.  Course name, translated into English

4.  Course number

5.  Web address at which he can find the course. If outsiders to the institution are not able to access the site, please copy and paste the course information into the email message.

6.  Please also include information about your own economics background: have you completed calculus? Both principles? Any theory? Statistics? Do you have to replace any economics courses due to AP credits? What is your class year?

Providing this information upfront expedites the process for us and gives you answers more quickly.

Please remember that our 200- level electives require a year of college-level economics as a pre-requisite, so courses taken abroad must have a similar requirement in order to fulfill that role. Our advanced electives require intermediate theory (taught in a calculus-based way) as a pre-requisite, so that’s what we’ll look for in courses taken abroad. Do not rely on the title of the course. Just because we teach Econometrics as an advanced course does not mean that other institutions do. Statistics may be taken abroad, but we must determine that the course covers regressions.

A maximum of two courses may be taken away from Holy Cross, including courses taken over the summer. Remember that any principles or statistics courses that are covered through AP credit must be replaced by additional Economics electives. Finally, be aware that business courses will not be granted any Holy Cross credit. The Registrar will not accept those courses, and neither will this department.