Course: Foundations Mathematics 30

Teacher: Mrs. S. Wirz



Text:Foundations of Math 30

Necessary Materials: scientific calculator, geometry set, ruler, binder/paper, pencil, and eraser.

Note: occasionally you will be asked to bring items found in the common household (ie. tape measure)


  1. Set Theory and Logic
  2. Counting Methods
  3. Probability
  4. Polynomial Functions
  5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  6. Sine and Cosine Functions
  7. Financial Mathematics: Investing Money
  8. Financial Mathematics: Borrowing Money

Evaluation and Assessment:

This year DCS is going down to two reporting terms which will send a printed copy of marks and comments. However, comments and marks will be updated to PowerSchool at the end of each Unit; parents and guardians please check PowerSchool regularly to stay current with your child’s progress. To gain access to PowerSchool we ask you to please call the office for log in info. Any questions or concerns regarding assessment please contact Mrs. Wirz at the school.

Your mark will be determined based on evidence which shows you have achieved an understanding of the course outcomes. 60% of your mark will be based on in class assessments which include short assignments, quizzes, and tests. Each unit will be weighted equally to make up the 60%. The Final Exam will make up the remaining 40% of your grade.

Any assignment not handed or completed to a satisfactory level will initially receive a mark of zero or incomplete, notice of an incomplete/ late assignment will go home via e-mail. I reserve the right to limit you to having the assignment handed in within 10 days of the due before the incomplete mark is permanent. During this time you must speak to me in order to create an appropriate plan for completing the assignment. On the other hand, if you do your best work and get things in on time, we will not even have to worry about this!

Can you rewrite an exam? The answer is yes but you must spend at least two lunch hours studying and relearning the material before you will rewrite. The first time you rewrite your mark will replace the original, but each rewrite after will result in an averaged mark. Sometimes you will rewrite the same exam, other times a different exam will be created.

Every unit you will be required to create a summary sheet that covers the concepts of the learning objectives using your personal flare. The study sheet must be hand written/drawn, using no more than both sides of one 8.5x11” loose leaf paper. When executed well, these study sheets are valuable tools for the unit test and later the final exam. These review sheets will be handed in the day of each respective test for teacher review.

Practice work will be assigned on a daily basis, it is vital that you complete this work in class or that day as homework. I will be monitoring practice assignments for completion, if you are struggling with the material please ask for help sooner rather than later.

Classroom Expectations:

1. Respect the teacher, yourself, others, and the learning environment. We must not interrupt when others are speaking to the group, however we value your input to the lesson so you may raise your hand and wait your turn.

2. You are Responsible for being on time for class, bringing all necessary materials, completing assignments on time, preparing for tests and quizzes, asking for help when you need it and asking for any materials or assignments you missed during an absence. If you missed and assignment or test/quiz you are to turn it in upon your return or speak to the teacher to schedule a time to make up the test.

3. Students are required to follow all school expectations in and outside my classroom.

4. Cell phones and other data devices will not be allowed during class time, unless I have asked you to use these devices to complete a specific task. If this is the case you are to use it only for that task. Cell phones are not to be used as a calculator. You may listen to music during independent learning, however do not let this be a distraction to you; pick your playlist and put the device away.

“Struggling in mathematics is not the enemy no more than sweating is in basketball, it shows you are in the game”

Kim Sutton