1. Define the following terms

1. first enquiry

Answer: A “first enquiry” is an enquiry sent to a supplier whom we have not previously dealt with.

2. proforma invoice

Answer: A proforma invoice is generally used to enable the buyer to make the necessary arrangements such as obtaining an import licence for the goods he would like to order. Contained in a proforma invoice are usually the descriptions of the goods, quantity, price, terms of payment, time of shipment, etc.

3. firm offer.

Answer: A firm offer is a promise to sell goods at a stated price, usually within a stated period of time. The promise may be expressed or implied. Usually a firm offer bears a validity, such as the wording “for acceptance within …days”.

  1. Answer the following questions briefly

1. What are the three C’s in business letter writing?

Answer: The three C’s are clearness, conciseness, and courtesy.

2. Why is it important to obtain all the information possible respecting the firm one is about to enter into relations with?

Answer: To obtain all the information possible respecting the firm one is about to enter into relations with will help to decide whether it is advisable to do business with the firm or not.

  1. What is the aim of making enquiries?

Answer: The aim of making enquiries is to get information about the goods to be ordered, such as price, catalogue, delivery date and other terms.

  1. Why is correct invoicing a matter of great importance in export trade?

Answer: The smooth performance of a contract of sale will depend on correct invoicing.

  1. What essential elements should be consisted of in a good sales letter?

Answer: A good sales letter should consist of four essential elements; it must: arouse interest, create desire, carry conviction, and induce action.

  1. What should be mentioned in an order?

Answer: An order should mention the following points: details of description, quantities and prices and article numbers, if any; mode of packing, port of destination and time of shipment; terms of payment as agreed upon.

  1. What is the advantage of payment by L/C?

Answer: Letter of credit is a reliable and safe method of payment, facilitating trade with unknown buyers and giving protection to both sellers and buyers.

  1. Translate the following sentences into English

1. 按照你方要求,我们附上一套小册子(说明书)连同价格单,供考虑。若你对所列商品感兴趣,请告具体需要。一俟收到询价,我们立即寄送报价单。

Answer: As requested, we enclose a range of pamphlets together with our price lists for your reference. If any of the items listed meets your interest, please inform us of your specific requirements. On receipt of your enquiry, we shall forward you quotations without delay.

  1. 你们所问讯的那家商号是我地区最可靠的进口商之一。多年来在同行中享有良好声誉。

Answer: The firm you inquire about is one of the most reliable importers in our district and has for many years enjoyed a good reputation among the traders.

  1. 收到你公司5月14日询价,得悉你对我们手工制人造革手套感兴趣。现将你所需的详尽资料,具有插图的目录和价格单附寄给你。

Answer: We have received your enquiry of 14th May and learn of your interest in our handmade artificial leather gloves. We are enclosing our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details you ask for.

  1. 为了你方申请必需的进口许可证,兹附上形式发票第234号一式三份,其中价格和交货期如有变动,我们将通知你方。

Answer: In order to enable you to apply for the necessary import licence, we are sending you proforma invoice No. 234 in triplicate. Please note that if there is any change in price or delivery, we shall keep you informed.

5. 你方6月3日来电要求我们报第33号毯子。现确认我方于6月6日电报向你方报盘如下,该盘不受约束。

Answer: In reply to your cable of 3rd June, which asked us to make an offer for our Blanket No. 33, we wish to confirm our cable dispatched on June 6 offering you without engagement the following.

6. 你11月15日来信收到,谢谢。货号2112电扇我们歉难推销,因为你方价格太高,买方无意还盘。

Answer: While thanking you for your letter of Nov. 15 concerning electric fan Art. 2112, we regret being unable to promote sales as your price is too high to interest buyers to make a counter-offer.

  1. Write letters according to the instructions given below
  1. Write to an old customer with whom business has shown a tendency to become slack, and draw his attention to some new products which represent a great improvement on some of the models he has sold successfully. Stress the importance of an early order as other buyers are showing their interest in these goods.


Dear Sirs

Three years ago we had the pleasure of supplying you with a number of switchgear. Since then we have received no order from you. Perhaps our previous products did not fit your requirements.

Now we wish to inform you that we have just introduced our latest high voltage switchgear on to the market. Our research engineers have finally come up with the answer to some of those problems you had with high voltage currents. The present product is insulated with a special resin which is as tough as metal, crack-resistant, and very economical, and has passed test after test run by our engineers.

We are sure that your Chief Engineer will want to inspect this gear, and see it in operation, and our agents in Vancouver, Samdeck Engineering Components, Ltd., will be happy to arrange a demonstration at any time.

Specifications and a pricelist are enclosed, and we expect to have your favorable response.

Yours sincerely