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(Procurement and Contracting Officer Name), Procurement and Contracting Officer

(State Agency Name)

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Dear (Procurement and Contracting Officer Name), Procurement and Contracting Officer (PCO):

The Department of General Services (DGS) has embarked on an innovative approach to granting purchasing authority to state agencies. After significant research and development, the DGS is excited to launch the Purchasing Authority Accreditation process. The Purchasing Authority Accreditation process replaces the traditional annual renewal of purchasing authority. The assessment components that make up the traditional and new process can be found on the Purchasing Authority Unit (PAU) webpage, under the accreditation tab (

Your state agency was previously notified of the discontinuation of the annual renewal of purchasing authority pending the implementation of a new process. We are pleased to announce that the Purchasing Authority Accreditation process is now available to customers, and your state agency is among the first to participate. After successful completion of the accreditation process, your state agency will receive a new Purchasing Authority Approval Letter (PAAL) that includes dollar thresholds by acquisition method. We anticipate your state agency being placed in Tier (State Agency’s Tier #)(see example on the PAU webpage). Please review this attachment as it shows that your state agency will receive an increase in purchasing authority for some but not all acquisition methods (e.g. Interagency Agreement - $1,000,000).

The (State Agency Name) is scheduled to participate in the Purchasing Authority Accreditation process during the month of (Scheduled Month and Year). As the PCO, you are the designated liaison for the accreditation process and we ask that you review all the documents on the Purchasing Authority web page under the accreditation tab (

1.  Please review Attachment 1 - Purchasing Authority Accreditation Guide for California State Agencies to learn more about the process and what to expect (also located on the PAU webpage).

2.  Please complete and return Attachment 2 - Letter of Acknowledgement, including documentation specified in the letter. Please submit this material in an electronic format on or before (Month, Day, Year) to the following email: .

While the accreditation process is aimed at promoting autonomy and has the potential to increase purchasing authority for some state agencies, at this time, we are unable to consider requests for increases. We do however, look forward to accepting purchasing authority increase requests (general increases) in 2018. Participation in the accreditation process during 2017 is a pre-requisite to receiving an increase of purchasing authority in 2018. I look forward to a successful collaboration.

For helpful information regarding the accreditation process as well as sample procurement policy and procedure manuals please visit the Purchasing Authority Unit website at

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at (Purchasing Authority Specialist phone number)or by email at: (Purchasing Authority Specialist email name)


(Purchasing Authority Specialist Name)

Purchasing Authority Specialist

CA DGS Procurement Division

Purchasing Authority Unit

cc: Tom Abeyta, Supervisor, Purchasing Authority Unit


1. Purchasing Authority Accreditation Guide for California State Agencies

2. Letter of Acknowledgement