Application for admission to the PhD program

Faculty of Social Sciences,

University of Oslo

This application form does notapply for admission

-to the PhD in Economics, see

-for candidates employed as doctoral research fellows at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Please send your application to:
Processing time is normally six weeks.

Application for the admission to research training at (Department/unit):


Surname (family name) / Forname(s) (given names) in full:
National identity number (11 digits)/ Date of birth: / Nationality: / Sex:
Permanent Home address:
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Correspondence Address:

Academic training:

Academic degree that forms the basis for admission to the PhD programme
Title of degree: Components (Subject/level): Name of University/University College: Examination year/semester :
Title of master thesis:
Other relevant education (certificates to be enclosed) :
Education: Name of Institution: Examination year/semester:
Relevant research experience after obtaining your master’s degree:
Employer Post Time References
(Use a separate sheet if necessary)
List your academic publications:
(Use a separate sheet if necessary)
List completed PhD courses taken during the last two years:
Course title Institution

Project Plan – period and academic affiliation

Commencement of PhD project:
(Year/semester): / PhD project ends:
Working title for the dissertation:
Will the dissertation be a direct continuation of your master thesis? (If yes, please specify)
Is your PhD project affiliatedwith a larger research project?
(If yes, please state the title of the project, institution, person responsible and way of funding. Also state whether the work is part of a research program.)
Please state where you will have your place of work during your PhD period:
(Place of work: department/institution/company etc. with address and phone number)
Are you planning to reside at the University of Oslo during your PhD period?
Have you planned any residence abroad (2 weeks or more) during your PhD period?
Institution/department: Country: Purpose: Period:

Supervisors(State whether the supervisors havecommitted to supervise you)

Principal supervisor (name, work, institution):
Subsidiary supervisor(s):

The financingof the doctoral degree study(cf. the website)

1)Description of the funding for three years’ effective research training
Source of funding: Type (scholarship, employment etc.):
Granted/duration from/to: % obligatory duties (not part of the research training):
Date: / Signature of the applicant:

The following documents are to be enclosed with the application:

1. Master’s degree certificate/professional certificate or the equivalent

2. Certificates relating to other relevant schools/courses of study

3. Project description 5-10 pages (12pt, single line spacing); incl. theme, types of problem, choice of methods, project scheduleand relevant literature.

4. List of publications

5. Documentation of financing for the project period (living costs, necessary data collection,
travel expenses, etc)

6. Documentation of proficiency in English, if required

7. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

(Edition 24.11.15)