University Herbarium

University of California

Berkeley, CA 94720


University of California at Berkeley 1980-86

Ph.D in Botany 1987

University of California at Berkeley 1976-78

A.B. in Botany, Magna Cum Laude 1978

Radcliffe College, Harvard University 1970-72


Resident Scientist/Education Officer/Research Associate Professor 2000-2004

Wrigley Marine Science Center, Santa Catalina Island, University of Southern California

Associate Professor of Biology, with tenure 1990-2000

Biology Department, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

Assistant Specialist II, Herbarium, University of California at Berkeley 1987-90

Curation and identification of marine algae; supervision of curatorial assistant


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Index to the Phycotheca Boreali-Americana. 2009. http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/ina/pba/pba_main.html

Galapagos Type Specimens in UC. 2007. http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/ina/galapagos_types.html


President, Western Society of Naturalists 2008

Honorary Fellow, California Academy of Sciences 2007

Sargassum horneri in California (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission grant) 2006

Santa Catalina Island: Proposal for Marine Protected Areas 2005

(Parson’s Foundation grant, with E. Parnell and P.K. Dayton, Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Seaweed survey/voucher collection, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego 2005-2006

(National Park Service grant, with S. Murray, California State University, Fullerton)

Fishery effects on lobster at Catalina Island (Offield Family Foundation grant) 2002-2004

Naturalist of the Year, Western Society of Naturalists 2004

Harvard University, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study 1995-1996

Science Scholar Fellowship, R. Lewontin laboratory


University of California at Santa Cruz 2009

Marine Botany

Shoals Marine Laboratory, Cornell University and U. New Hampshire 1989-ongoing

Field Marine Biology and Ecology

Three Seas Marine Biology Program, Northeastern University: 2001-ongoing

Marine Botany; Conservation Biology; Independent Research

Wrigley Marine Science Center, University of Southern California 2001-2004

Natural History and Island Ecology; Independent Research

University of Puget Sound 1990-2000

Diversity of Life; General Ecology; Marine Biology; Marine Botany; Senior Research