1.Please ensure that students Do Not write anything on the question paper other than their roll number.

2.Allow Reading Time.

3.Since it is a preparation exercise for the Board Examination

Remind them to use the Skim & Scan method of reading Section A.

4.Encourage rough work on the last page of the answer booklet.

5.In the Writing Section marks have been divided according to the parameters suggested by CBSE.Please ensure that your checking also reflects the division of marks in the margin accordingly.

6.Impress upon underlining (with pencil) all the key points in the answers of Lit. section.

7.Avoid grace marks.

8.Please try to give remarks for answer/s wherever necessary so that the students as well as their parents get valuable evaluation and feedback.

9.Ensure correction work is done by the students under your supervision and the same is checked by you.



1 / (a) drawing, painting and selling pictures to neighbours and family friends
(b) because he was underage
(c) got him a job at the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio, where he met cartoonist UbbeEertIwwerks, better known as UbIwerks
(d) he made commercials based on cutout animation
(e) Fred Harman
(f) to screen their cartoons, which they called Laugh-O-Grams
(g)A series of seven-minute fairy tales that combined both live action and animation, which they called Alice in Wonderland
(h) to distribute their Alice cartoons / 8
2 / 2.1(a) twice the vitamin C of an orange, as much potassium as a banana and the fiber of a bowl of whole grain cereal–all for less than 100 calories!
(b) as Rutgers University researchers found that kiwifruit has the best nutrient density of 21 commonly consumed fruits
(c) by supplying your eyes with protective lutein, a carotenoid that’s concentrated in eye tissues and helps protect against harmful free radicals
(d) let it ripen at room temperature for three to five days
(e) ‘Yang Tao’ or Chinese Gooseberry
2.2(a)will be plump and smooth-skinned, and free of wrinkles, bruise, and punctures.
(b)If you want to store the fruit longer, you should keep in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
(c)sourish / 12
3. / [Note: - No marks are to be awarded if only the format is given;
marks should be given for the candidate's creativity in the presentation of
ideas. Though the use of both the traditional and the new format is permitted, please encourage your students to use the Block Method. ]
[FORMAT 1 Mark:
1. sender's address, 2. date, 3. receiver's address, 4. subject / heading,
5. salutation, 6. complimentary close. ]
CONTENT :4 Marks
ACCURACY:1.5 Marks
FLUENCY :1.5 Marks
Total:8 Marks
Letter of complaint minimum of 6 points are desired. / 8
5. / (a)knows
(e)his / 4
6 / BeforeMissing WordAfter
(e)beingandbetterment / 4
7 / 1. The most remarkable feature of time is its preciousness.
2. Every moment brings with it thousands of golden opportunities.
3.We must not allow such precious time to slip away.
4.A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
5.You may delay but time will not. /
8 / (a)loved his own voice, sang all night…….
(b)pleaded, complained, threatened, hoping that the frog would stop croaking in his crash, cacophonic voice.
(c)the nightingale sang and enamoured and captured the attention of the creatures in the bog.
(d) aa bb
(a)Poem – Ozymandias
Poet – Percy Bysshe Shelley
(b) that the sculptor had well read the feelings of arrogance, scorn …… present on the face of the man whose statue he was to make
(c) the sculptor’s hand to record the true nature of the despotic king….
(d)they are stamped on the face of the statue of stone…(elaborate) /
9 / (i)*PatolBabu’s Mentor
*A wonderful actor without a trace of vanity advised him that however small a role – never consider it in consequential.
(Lesson PatolBabu Para 103)
Please note: Students must include textual details to score full marks.
(ii)SS was playing a psycho-drive game on his laptop when he met with an accident his banged against the computer and he went into a coma, his memory got transferred and saved in the computer and kept on sending messages Michael to save him.
(iii)Antony prophesies that there will be civil strife and fury in Rome. Blood and destruction shall rage. Mother shall smile when their children will be murdered. Caesar’s spirit, with Greek goddess of revenge Ate unleash terror and blood shade to take revenge. Dead people will cry for funerals……
Note:All textual details must be included.
(iv)Realized the pain of separation on being separated from his daughter…..
(Para 13, of the lesson in the text all textual details to be included)
(v)(Para 41of the lesson The Shady Plot) /
10 / (4 for content + 2 for fluency + 2 grammatical accuracy)
a) ‘Fake pride ends up in misery’.
Vanity always leads to down fall of aperson. This statement truly fits on the character of Mrs. Packletide.
Value points
• Women belonging to upper class of society try to showoff
• They become subjects of mockery and sometimes they need to pay ahandsome amount
• MrsPacketide wants to overshadow LoonaBimberton so as to satisfy her vanity by killing a tiger
• In the end she had to face financial losses.
• She was blackmailed by Miss. Mebbin
Note:Accept students answers based on the above.
Nicola and Jacapo’s character sketch in brief and their love for their sister who was ill.
(The boys’ sacrifice, their sincerity and devotion to the cause and the maturity they display in their actions gives a new hope for humanity). / 8
11 / Content 5 Marks, Fluency 2.5 Marks, grammatical accuracy 2.5 Marks
• Otto Frank left Germany to live in Holland
• they felt they could escape persecution in 1940,
• same laws were imposed on Jews in Germany
• Anne thinks the laws are unjust, and unfair
• not able to understand about this discrimination.
• certain restrictions were imposed like
o wearing yellow badge
o cannot use streetcars
o only allowed to go to Jews school, Jews shops.
• she accepts these restrictions as a part of life in Amsterdam
• her entire life and viewpoint quickly changed when she was forced into
• annexe.
• Mr. Vann Dann, good friend, Business partner of Mr. Frank
• chain smoker, pessimist
• always fights with his wife, tries to pacify her
• stereotypical, henpecked husband
• plans of hiding along with Frank’s family
• Mr.VannDaan is rarely mentioned in Anne’s diary
• occasionally behaves well with Anne.
Content 5 Marks, Fluency 2.5 Marks, grammatical accuracy 2.5 Marks
• lifelong companion of Helen
• teacher, guide, mentor.
• motivator
• helps Helen to believe in herself
• very supportive
• treats her like her own child
• teaches every minute thing with details
• she makes Helen “THINK”
• Dr. Alexander Graham Bell is kindhearted and caring doctor
• is an incredibly gifted inventor
• helped people with hearing disabilities.
• Helen dedicated The Story of My Life to him.
• has a special relationship with children, especially the deaf,
• his teaching methods for children are motivating and encouraging.
• he is funny
• lifelong friend of Hellen Keller. / 10

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