Pattie’s one page profile
What is important to me in my role as a trainer:
 Present so that people will continue to think about the training material when they leave
 Present in a way that appears I’ve done this for years
 Have more stories through using the tools with people
 Be humorous but keep with the training program
Offer and practice the tools so students will use them to assist people to have better lives
Listen to each participate in a way that helps them feel valued
Continue to learn as a trainer
 Respect my co-trainer by being a team player
 Show students’ how to talk with people by example
 Prepare the materials ahead of time / / How best to support me in my role as a trainer:
 Give feedback on ways to improve
 Have a co-trainer that knows the materials
 Have access to the equipment I need – Power Point, copier, etc
 Be able to debrief with my co-trainer
 I prefer having a co-trainer
 Spaces for the training that are big enough for the students to move around

Your Name / Pattie Hall

Now . . . Think about the trainer candidates in your group. What do you like and admire about them?

  • What qualities do you see in them that you’d like other to recognize? They are creative, talented, bright and friendly. I feel that each of the trainers have unique characteristics to offer and bring to the table.
  • What talents or gifts do they bring to their role as a PCT Trainer?

Creativity, humor, artistic, experienced, friendly, accepting

  • How do people who know them describe them to others?

Caira – She is very organized and very serious about her involvement in this training. She is an exceptional co-trainer. She exudes confidence. She strives to be the best and it shows. I couldn’t have had a better co-trainer and friend!

Sharon – She is quite lovely in her presentation. She is quiet but is clearly quite intelligent and talented.

Carol – She is also relatively quiet but has a complete grasp on the materials. She also got more confident as the training progressed. I would really like to get to know her better.

Eunice – She is very outgoing, humorous and friendly. She is also very energetic and uplifting.

Elisa – She is a really funny and friendly lady. I had known her in another capacity and was pleasantly surprised at how well we worked together on this. She will be an excellent story teller!!

Think about your role as a PCT Trainer . . .

What routines and rituals do you have that make a difference in your training style?
What truly matters to you as a PCT Trainer?
What drive you to do the work you do the way you do it?
What is important to you in other parts of your life that would help others understand you better? / What do you hope to accomplish as a PCT Trainer?
Are there things about you that if others knew, they would understand better why you approach PCT training that way that you do?
Include these things below under “What’s most important to me in my role as a PCT Trainer?”

“What’s most important to me in my role as a PCT Trainer?”

Use the space below to jot down all of your ideas.

Include enough detail so that someone who does not know you could understand and act on what you are sharing.

Think about what others need to know about you in order to support you well in your role as a PCT Trainer . . .

What makes for a good training day? What makes for a bad training day?
What is helpful to you? What is not?
What personal factors do you want people to understand so they understand how you show up to train others?
When co-training with others, what can people do to make your work together more productive? What should they avoid?
Are there places where you need specific supports, but have not asked for them in the past? / Do you have specific “buttons” that get pushed that could be avoided or handled differently if people had more information? (E.g. Does the word “client” cause you to cringe?)
Do you have a specific weakness or areas that others could help you address? (Give them permission and direction!)
Include these things below under “How to best Support Me” in my role of PCT Trainer.

“How to best Support Me in my role as a PCT Trainer”

Use the space below to jot down your idea.

Include enough detail so that someone who does not know you could understand and act on what you are sharing.