Glossary:ICT in Context

Term / Definition
analogue / Data or measurementswhich are constantly changing between states/values
ATM / Automated Teller Machine: a machine which can dispense money and provide banking services to customers
BACS / Bankers Automated Clearing System: a UK based scheme for the clearing and electronic processing of financial transactions
barcode / A strip of parallel bars of different widths which transmit data when read by an optical scanner
biometric reader / A reader that can recognize identity based on intrinsic physical traits (e.g. fingerprints, eye colour)
Braille / A system of writing and reading for those with visual impairment, based on an alphabet of embossed dots
collaborative working / Working which involves combining efforts with others for a joint goal
concept keyboard / A specialized keyboard designed for speed of use or to aid those with disabilities
credit rating / The rating that lenders assign to individuals in an attempt to judge how likely they are to default on payments
digital / Data which uses discrete values of either 1 or 0
Direct Debit / Payments which are automatically debited from one's account when due
EFT / Electronic Funds Transfer: A computer based system which performs financial transactions electronically
EFTPOS / Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale, a common way of paying for goods using credit/debit cards
encryption / A way of making data unreadable by anyone other than the intended recipient
EPOS / Electronic Point Of Sale; a checkout where sales and stock data is processed electronically
extranet / A network which can be accessed by users outside of the host organization
flowchart / A diagram of the sequence of operations in a system
https / HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure; a web based protocol for processing secure data and transactions
identity theft / A crime in which the personal details of an unsuspecting victim are used to obtain credit or conduct fraudulent activities/purchases
intranet / A network which can be accessed by users within the host organization
LAN / Local Area Network; a network that covers a small area such as a house or office
phishing / Fake e-mails that ask for sensitive data or bank details
remote login / A function which allows users to access the desktop and functionality of a personal computer, from another discrete computer in a different location
school management system / A specialised software based system used to manage the running of a school and handle all relevant student data
sensor / A detector that responds to select stimuli
teleworking / Connecting to an office from a distant location (normally home) in order to work through using networks and other
communication tools
trojan / A type of virus which masks its identity in order to gain access to a system
videoconferencing / A conference where the participants are not all in the same room but communicate through video screens, speakers, cameras and microphones
VLE / Virtual Learning Environment; software system designed to support teaching and learning within an institution


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