Claudia Maria Moreira

Brazilian, 42

Avenida Genaro de Carvalho, 630/202

Recreio dos Bandeirantes- Rio de Janeiro –RJ



Bachelor's Degree in Communications

July, 1994

Professional Experience:

Axcel Books do Brasil Editora Ltda.

(Publishing house belonging to the technical industry)

October, 1994 to November, 1996

Main Activities:

  • Review and Proofreading of the translation of technical books and technical publications related mainly to the software market.
  • Free-lance translation of technical books
  • Authoring of the following books:

— Microsoft Windows 95 Basic and Fast Course Series

— Word 6 Basic and Fast Course Series

— Word 7 Basic and Fast Course Series

— Excel 5 Basic and Fast Course Series

— Excel 7 Basic and Fast Course Series

— Adventures with Microsoft Windows 95 (Computing for Children Series)

— Adventures with Microsoft Word 7 (Computing for Children Series)

Follow-Up Technical Translations.

February, 1997 to March. 2001

Main Activities:

  • Review and Proofreading of the translation of technical books and software items
  • Translation Quality Assurance (verification of consistency, client glossary and style guide, grammar, spelling, standards, clear and concise style, file integrity, units of measure, etc.)
  • Translation (localization of books and software components, as the User Interface, Help and Documentation)
  • Project Coordination

—This role includes:

—Be responsible for all aspects of the project (including quality)

—Get involved in glossary translation, sending the files for translation, internal sampling, clients’ sampling and shipping the project

—Communicate with the clients / translators / vendors

—Keep the project status spreadsheet updated daily

—Send project status report to the clients weekly

Main Projects:

— Easy CD Creator

Translator/reviewer. This project included two weeks in Brussels, Belgium, testing the software translation.

— Kronos

Project coordinator, involved in all aspects of the project, including the functional testing.

— Novell Moab

Project coordinator, involved in all aspects of the project. This project included one week training in Dublin (the use of tools as Trados, WinAlign and others in the process of localization and what to expect from the project management)

— Novell Education

Project coordinator.

— Novell Cobra

Project coordinator/translator.

— Novell NetWare

Project coordinator/translator.

— Novell 560 Errata Manual

Project coordinator/translator.

— Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac

Project coordinator/reviewer.

— Microsoft PictureIt!


— PlannExpert

Project coordinator/reviewer.

— Oracle Projects (Including Trainning Materials)


— LexMark Projects


— Coca-Cola Trainning/Marketing Materials


Free-lance translator

April, 2001 until present days

Main projects:

  • Microsoft Office translations (Bowne Global Solutions/LionBridge/Logoscript).
  • Microsoft Windows translations (Bowne Global Solutions/LionBridge/Logoscript).
  • Lotus projects (Simultrans).
  • Creative Labs projects (Simultrans).
  • Macromedia Projects (Norsul)
  • Oracle Projects (Norsul)
  • Novell Projects (CCaps, Loquant)
  • Symantec Projects (TextTrans)
  • Seagate Projects (TextTrans)
  • Microsoft Courseware translations (LionBridge)
  • Computer Associates Trainning Materials (Interface Translations)
  • Motorola Trainning Materials (Interface Translations)
  • IBM Trainning Materials (Interface Translations)
  • McDonald's Trainning Materials (2tr)
  • Office Online Translations (LionBridge)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Translations (LionBridge)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Translations (Logoscript)
  • Cisco Translations (LionBridge/Wordlink)
  • Marketing Tanslations (several clients)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Translations (LionBridge)
  • Souza Cruz Marketing translations (Textual translations)
  • BMA Translations (SDL)
  • HP Translations (SDL)
  • Land Rover traslations (SDL)
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Azure (LionBridge)
  • Workshop at Apple in Cupertino as an Editor for Brazilian Portuguese (La Comunidad)

Additional information:

Currently, I am using Trados 2007. I also have SDLX 2007, Studio 2009 and 2011 and Translation Workspace. I also work with: LocStudio (all versions), Idiom, Catalyst, Passolo 2011 and some other tools, according to client’s request.