Propaganda and Persuasion

Study Guide

The test will be worth 100 points. For those of you who have not done so well this year, STUDY!


Be able to identify the 4 persuasive techniques.





Be able to identify persuasive techniques in a writing selection.

1. My friends, I urge you to protect your family and loved ones! Vote yes to this new crime legislation. This would be an example of ______.

2. Studies prove that individuals who do not earn a high school diploma have a lower earning potential in their adult lives as opposed to those who do earn a diploma. This would be an example of ______.

3. As a teacher, I am well aware that our students do not have adequate computers for school use. Please support the tax levy, as it will supply our school with greater access to technology. This would be an example of ______.

4. Vote for the park levy. It will provide our community with beautiful parks, picnic spots, and excellent walking and bike paths. This would be an example of ______.

  • You will also have a short persuasive letter that you will have to answer questions about. Be prepared.

Be able to use persuasive techniques in a short essay.

You will have a two paragraph essay on your test. In that essay you will have to use at least two of the four persuasive techniques we discussed.

The two persuasive techniques that I would most likely use in a writing piece (because they are the easiest/ most familiar to me are):



Explain what each of the above techniques entails/ means (write out to the side above).


Know the 7 types of propaganda: (you will not have a word bank)








Know propaganda related definitions.

Write a short definition for each of the following terms:

1. advertising-

2. propaganda-

3. bias-

4. stereotype-

5. persuasion-

Be prepared to identify propaganda techniques in a statement.

1. Everybody who is anybody drives a Shazam. You should too! ______

2. Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson, and I’m here to tell you about a fabulous product called Proactive. I use it everyday and it keeps my complexion fresh and radiant. ______

3. Hi, I’m John Jones and I’m running for State Representative. Like all of you, I was raised right here in south eastern Ohio, so I know what’s important to you all first hand. ______

4. Honey O’s cereal is filled with artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup. They say you are getting a quality breakfast, but really you are getting high amounts of sugar, which has been linked to childhood obesity. Buy Joe’s O’s. Joe’s O’s cereal is made from quality, nutritious, all natural ingredients. ______

Compare/ Contrast

Explain how propaganda and persuasion are similar. Explain how the two differ.

Identifying the better argument: You will be given two arguments over the same topic. You must tell which is the better argument and then explain why.


  1. Students should have the option of open lunch because a lot of students years ago used to be able to go out to eat, and it didn’t cause many problems.
  2. If students were permitted to leave school for lunch, it would cut down on the school’s cost of purchasing food for each student, and it could also reduce the amount of behavior problems in the cafeteria each day.

The better argument is: