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Position Purpose

Senior Consultants will typically have experiences across a range of expertise areas within industrial relations. They will have the capability to deliver work in technical areas generally without reference to other sources of advice and quality control.

Senior Consultants will be responsible for the management of medium to large size clients, ensuring delivery to time and cost/profitability, and/or act as an authoritative resource on complex or sensitive issues.

A Senior Consultant will be expected to seek the assistance of colleagues in developing significant opportunities and will work in a similar way to provide assistance to others. At this level employees will demonstrate leverage of the client base by generating business from all sources for their client portfolio and develop and agree on a plan to grow portfolio revenue. A Senior Consultant will also seek opportunities to broaden the consulting base to incorporate a range of expertise areas.

Some Senior Consultants will utilise their breadth of experience in managing relationship with clients whilst others will achieve revenue budgets by being positioned as “experts” in specific technical areas or industries. The emphasis in this role will be on expertise in related areas of work.

Highly experienced Senior Consultants are seasoned consultants who will demonstrate their ability to add value to the Company. This may be achieved through client management, project management, consultant management, leadership or expertise contributions.

Key Responsibilities

Technical Ability/Knowledge

•Broad knowledge across a variety of areas within the Industrial Relations arena

•Recognised as a specialist in a particular area

•Exemplary written, verbal and presentation skills

•Provide strategic advice for Board and Senior Management

•Undertake specialized technical assignments, eg:

  • Arbitrated evidence hearings;
  • Negotiate EBA’s;
  • Resolve industrial action; or

•Prepare complex reports and advices


•Supervise Graduate Consultants and Consultants and support staff on day to day issues.

•Delegate files and aspects of files to Graduate Consultants and Consultants

•Act for Team Leader when absent

•Mentor and coach Graduate Consultants and Consultants

•Train Graduate Consultants and Consultants in technical and non-technical matters

•Role model for professional staff

Business Development

•Maintain Contact with client base

•Utilise network to generate new business

•Deliver presentations to clients and potential clients

•Achieve referral of new business

•Generate significant new business providing work to self and others

•Build relationships with potential clients

•Cross sell IR/HR/OD service, eg:

  • Present at Management briefings;
  • Present at client/industry conferences; or
  • Host external lunches for existing and potential clients

Professional Development

•Continue to undertake professional development appropriate to the role

•Train Graduate Consultants and Consultants in technical areas

•Broad professional and development is multi-disciplined Develop network of contacts

Client Management

•Principal contact for clients totaling business revenue as set by the Board

•Is able to operate in a range of styles to meet client needs: expert advisor, coach, mentor, facilitator, trainer, analysis, advocate, investigations

•Responsible for managing files

•Responsible for solving client queries and disputes within scope of position

•Project Leader

•Maintain client relationships at a high level

•Establish primary contacts within major clients

•Operates independently within scope of authority

•Demonstrates high level of emotional maturity

•Demonstrates strong leadership qualities

•Has a strong commitment to excellence and professional behaviour

•Achieve revenue budget

Business Administration

•“Promote” and model Quality Assurance

•Improve Quality Assurance system

•Encourage sharing of information

•Coordinate and manage development and maintenance of Livingstones products and services, eg:

  • Actively participate in meetings and share knowledge;
  • Oversee development and maintenance of web sites, Modern Awards, precedents etc; or
  • Coordinate several training courses

Reporting Relationships

Senior Consultants will report to their Team Leader and have a collegiate relationship with other members of their Team.

Skills and Abilities

•High level ability to analyse and strategise complex issues

•High level communication and presentation skills

•Excellent management skills: time, workload, budgeting, priority setting

•Ability to work independently and as a Team Member

•Ability to assume Team Leader role when required

•High level negotiation and influencing skills

•Computer competence


Two (2) Degrees or Masters or relevant experience


•Significant experience in a consulting environment

•Significant experience in specialty discipline

•Significant experience in a range of environments including commercial enterprise

Other Attributes

•Team Player

•Works independently

•Operates in a professional manner

•Acts honestly and ethically

•Promotes a positive workplace culture

•Demonstrates loyalty and commitment to the Company

Additional Requirements

•Out of hours work

•May be required to travel

•May be required to drive

Selection Criteria


•Extensive practical experience of industrial relations/employee relations legislation, policies, practices, issues application in both the Queensland and Federal jurisdictions

•Demonstrated ability to provide services to a diverse customer focused environment, and to deal with a wide diverse clientele and a wide range of industries.

•Demonstrated capacity to participate as a senior team member and/or leader

•High developed analytical, conceptual, interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written

•Demonstrated capacity for self management, participative decision making, operate in an ethical framework and display the ability to be flexible and accept change

•Extensive experience of different environments including commercial or consulting enterprises.

•Well developed computer skills

Note: It should be noted that the criteria are listed in general order of priority only. The selection committee may choose to weight the relative importance of each criteria at their discretion.

Our ref: Document1

Position Description Consultant - Prepared by Livingstones