1.1.1  The Task Pane does not load after a Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-In report is run out from the Sage Intelligence Report Manager or Report Viewer, but loads if an existing saved Report Designer Add-In workbook is saved.

Go to the Add-Ins menu and if Report Designer Add-In->Show Task Pane is available click it and see if an error displays:

1.  Go to Excel Options.

2.  Select Add-Ins.

3.  Check if an entry called “Report Designer Add-in {Version Number}” is not on the list.

The reason for the above is most likely due to other Add-Ins being enabled and conflicting with the Report Designer Add-In.

To resolve try the following:

1.  Disable the other Add-Ins by clicking on the Go button and unchecking all Add-Ins except the Report Designer Add-In, Internet Assistant VBA and Lookup Wizard.

2.  Close Excel and try again.

1.1.2  The Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-In Task Pane does not appear and going to Excel Options, Add-Ins and instead of “Report Designer Add-In” appearing in the add-ins list there is an entry that reads “Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions”

This is most likely due to a problem with the Excel Installation.

To resolve try the following:

3.  Go to Excel Options, select Add-Ins and then Excel Add-ins from the Manage Add-ins drop-down field.

4.  Click Go.

5.  If Analysis Toolpak is not checked then check it.

6.  If an Excel install process appears let it proceed.

7.  Restart Excel and see if the task pane appears.

Repair Excel.

1.  Go to Control Panel, and then select Programs and Features.

2.  Locate the entry for Microsoft Office.

3.  Click on Change and then select Repair.

4.  Reboot the machine.

5.  See if Report Designer Add-In works.

Reinstall Excel.

1.  Ensure to select options like Office Add-ons, etc.

/ NOTE: / The task pane is only available to Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-In reports.