Disclosure Application Process

Disclosure Application Process

Guidance Note Regarding the Disclosure Application Process

The University of Sheffield is committed to adhering to the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Code of Practice, which is available via the CRB website at To request a printed copy please contact your customary Business Support team.

  1. Making a Disclosure Application to the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)
  • A representative from the Department of Human Resources (HR) will contact you with guidance on how to complete the necessary Disclosure Application Form. As part of the process the HR representative must see original copies of a number of documents to confirm your identity (as defined by the CRB). Written confirmation that theHR representative has seen the originals will be included with the final application form.
  • Once fully completed, the application form will be signed by (a) you, as the subject of the Disclosure and (b) a Countersignatory responsible for Staff Disclosure requests,and sent to the CRB for processing.
  • A photocopy of the completed form and sheet confirming that the original documents were seen will be retained as highly confidential documents within the Department of HR.
  1. Processing the Disclosure Application

Whilst processing the application, the CRB may contact you or the Department of HR if further information is required. Please provide this information promptly. If you have any concerns regarding this, please seek guidance from your customary Business Support team.

3.Receiving the Disclosure Information

A copy of the result of the Disclosure application will be sent to both (a) you at your home address and (b) directly to the Staff Countersignatory who signed the form.

4.Reviewing the Result of the Disclosure

The Department of HR will assess the content of the Disclosure. Any information received will be considered in line with the duties of the post to which you have been offered appointment.

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  • Satisfactory Disclosure

If your Disclosure is considered to be satisfactory, you will have met this condition of your appointment and you will receive no further correspondence from the Department of HRabout this matter.

For certain posts it may be necessary to inform a relevant third party that you have received a satisfactory Disclosure, e.g. many NHS trusts require this confirmation prior to issuing Honorary Contracts to university staff. In such instances you will be informed in advance if this is a requirement of the role.

  • Disclosure which requires further review

Where the Disclosure confirms details of spent/unspent convictions/records, this will not lead to an automatic bar from appointment. The Department of HR will review the contents of the Disclosure in line with the requirements of the vacancy and will consider any other information which you have provided regarding your case. As part of this review you may be invited to discuss your case further with an HR manager (appropriate managerial representatives from the recruiting department may also be involved) before a final decision on suitability is made. All aspects of the review of the Disclosure will be in line with the University’s Policy on the Recruitment and Employment of Ex-offenders( and Equal Opportunities Policy. If the individual’s circumstances are not compatible with the post, the University may be required to withdraw the offer of appointment and will inform all appropriate parties of this outcome.

5.Management of Information

All documentation relating to the Disclosure application process will be considered highly confidential by all parties involved and will be stored securely by the Department of HR, separately from your personal file. Access to documents, and the results of the Disclosure, will be restricted to those who require access as part of their duties, as determined by the Department of HR. Documents will only be retained for a reasonable period following which they will be destroyed as confidential material in line with CRB guidance. Further details are available in the University’s Policy regarding the Security, Storage and Retention of Criminal Records Check Information.

6.Further Information

  • If you wish to discuss any aspect of this process further or request printed copies of any of the documents mentioned here, please contact your customary Business Support team. All enquiries will be dealt with in confidence.
  • CRB info: info line 0870 90 90 811
  • Disclosure info: