Directions: Work with Your Group to Complete the Question at Each Station. Begin at The

Directions: Work with Your Group to Complete the Question at Each Station. Begin at The

Directions: Work with your group to complete the question at each station. Begin at the station closest to your desk and move around the room to the next station or any available stations. When you are finished, see me for answers to check your work. Place a check by the curriculum standards for the questions you got correct.

Station #1

A person will spin the spinner below and then flip a fair coin. Determine the probability that the person will spin a green and flip a heads.


Station #2

Tricia conducted a survey of the favorite subjects of her classmates. The results are found on the table.

Subject Preferences
Science / 7
ELA / 5
Math / 8
Social Studies / 4
Gym / 6
Art / 2

What is the probability of randomly selecting a student from the class who prefers MATH as their favorite subject? Express your answer as a percent.

Answer: = 25%

Station #3

Melody has a container with colored tiles in it. It contains 5 yellow tiles, 6 red tiles, and 3 blue tiles. She looks the other way and randomly selects a tile from the container. Find the probability that she will select a red.

Answer: =

Station #4

Martina has 5 red pens and 3 black pens in her desk drawer. All of the pens are the same shape and size. Martina randomly selects a pen and puts it back in her drawer. Later she randomly selects a pen a second time. What is the probability that Tina selects a red pen, and then a black pen?

Answer: x =

Station #5

The probability of an event occurring is 15%. Determine if the probability is impossible, unlikely, equally likely as unlikely, likely, or certain. Explain how you know you made your determination.

The probability of the event occurring is unlikely. 0% means the event is impossible, 50% is equally likely as unlikely, 75% is likely, and 100% is certain. 15% is closest to an unlikely event.

Station #6

You roll a six-sided number cube two times. Determine the probability of rolling a six two times in a row.

Answer: x =

Station #7

Michael is going to a restaurant for dinner with his family.

Appetizers / Main Course / Dessert
Mozzarella Sticks / Burrito / Ice Cream
Nachos / Chicken Salad / TresLeches (Milk Cake)
Chicken Wings / Pizza
Cheese Burger

He has 3 choices for an appetizer, 5 main course choices, and 2 dessert options. Construct a sample space to show all of the possible combinations Michael can order dinner.

Answer: 3 x 5 x 2 = 30 possible combinations. A tree diagram can be used to show this sample space.

Station #8

A fair number cube is rolled 300 times. How many times do you expect to roll an even number? Explain your reasoning.

Answer: We should expect to roll an even number about 150 times. The probability of rolling an even number on a number cube is 50%, and 50% of 300 is 150.