Digits 8Th Grade Syllabus

Digits 8Th Grade Syllabus



The mission for WMS is to ensure that every student has the skills to build a strong academic, athletic, and artistic foundation by providing a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that meets individual needs and is delivered in a safe environment by a dedicated, caring staff.

TEACHER: Mr. Chris Bergeron


REMIND: Text @ek4b3g to 81010


Course Description: Pre-Algebra builds upon the essential skills of arithmetic as they apply to algebra. Real numbers and linear equations, linear inequalities, factoring, fractions, graphing and some elements of geometry are stressed in preparation for a rigorous course in Algebra 1.

Materials Needed:

3-Ring Binder (1” or 1 ½”}

Composition Notebook

Graph Paper

Loose Leaf Paper (college rule)



Optional – Scientific Graphing Calculator either the TI 84 Plus or the NSpire

Major Instructional Goals

This course is designed to challenge students to develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, and working collaboratively. These skills help prepare students for the rigor of higher-level mathematics, college, and a competitive and ever-changing job market.

The student will demonstrate competency in the following, but not limited to the following, areas:

  • Explore the real number system and its usage in real world situations
  • Define, evaluate, and compare functions
  • Write, solve, and graph linear equations
  • Understand and apply the laws of exponents
  • Understand and apply the concepts of decimal and scientific notation
  • Understand and apply the concepts of slope and y-intercepts
  • Understand the properties of transformations
  • Apply knowledge of angles, shapes, and the Pythagorean Theorem to real world problems
  • Model relationships
  • Analyze bivariate data

Social Contract

As a class, we will create a social contact that will be our agreement of behavior within the class that will be based on the respect of all individuals. The goal of this contract is to create a self managing group out of our classroom which will enhance the learning of all students.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Listen carefully to the teacher to gain full understanding of the math lessons.
  • Communicate with the teacher if the student has difficulty understanding the lesson.
  • Come to class prepared by completing all daily assignments & bringing the necessary materials.
  • Study & practice new math concepts on a daily basis. Practice is necessary for learning the new math skill and remembering it. Khan Academy is a FREE excellent online resource for students.
  • Complete the assignments without copying. Cheating will only hinder your ability to succeed in the classroom.
  • Prepare for tests by re-working various problems from the chapter, doing the chapter review & taking the practice tests.
  • Come in for extra help ASAP if struggling to understand the concepts. I will be available by appointment for extra help. DON’T WAIT TO GET HELP IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH A CONCEPT.

Grading Scale and Policy:





Below 60F

  • Homework 5%
  • Classwork25%
  • Quizzes (Test journals would count in this category.) 30%
  • Tests (This would include chapter tests and projects) 40%

Course Outline:

1st Quarter / Units A and B: The Number System, Linear Equations with 1 Variable, Integer Exponents, Scientific Notation
2nd Quarter / Units C and D: Proportional Relationships, Linear Equations, Systems of Linear Equations, Functions, Linear Functions
3rd Quarter / Unit E: Geometry, Congruence, Similarity, Pythagorean Theorem, Surface Area and Volume
4th Quarter / Unit F: Statistics, Scatter Plots, Analyzing Data