Devops MOOC: Lesson 4 Homework

Devops MOOC: Lesson 4 Homework

DevOps MOOC: Lesson 4 Homework

Homework for this lessonconsists of exercises you will complete using the project you created in Lesson 3 Exercise 2 and things you learned in this lesson.

You’ll create a build job and configuration plan for the project and automate both. In the final step, you will modify the project and watch the automation unfold when youcommit the change and push the commit.

Before You Begin:

You must set a storage replication policy in your environment before you can deploy any application to the Application Cloud Container.
Follow the instructions to set a storage replication policy before you begin any exercises. It may take a few hours for this setting to take effect, so you need to complete thisbefore starting Exercise 2.

These are the exercises for this week’s homework.

Exercise 1:

Create a build job that builds the project and saves the artifacts that will be deployed. HINT: Accept the default goals (clean install) in the Maven 3 step that you add to your build job.

Exercise 2:

Create a deployment plan that deploys the artifacts you built to your ACCS instance. In your ACCS instance, ensure that the application was deployed and run it to ensure that it works.

Exercise 3:

Modify the build job and deployment configuration so every change will automatically initiate a new build and deployment. HINT: The automatic setting is easy to find in the deployment configuration but is less obvious in the build job. Look under Triggers and keep in mind that a change in the source control system is what should trigger an automatic build.

Exercise 4:

Edit the src/main/resources/public/index.html file and change <head1>Cloud Employee App</head1> to <head1>Cloud Employee Application</head1>, and save your edit. Commit and push the change to master. The modified application should automatically build and deploy to ACCS. In your ACCS instance, ensure that the application was deployed and run it to ensure that it works and that the change you made is there.

The key part of this homework is for you to use Oracle Developer Cloud Service to implement and demonstrate continuous integration and continuous deployment of the sample application. The application is secondary; the ability to use CI/CD in asomewhat realistic situation is the primary concern in this MOOC.