Detailed Description : (For Use As a Teacher's Script)

Detailed Description : (For Use As a Teacher's Script)

Title: / Open A Music Player And Play a Music File
Contributers: / Semeena Kader / Std: / 1
Submission Date: / Approval Date:
Brief Description: / This topic introduces a music player software and how to play a music file using it.
Goal: / To introduce music player and music files.
Pre-requisites: / Familiar with computer icons , mouse usage .
Learning Outcome: / Able to play music files.
Duration: / 1 hour
Detailed Description: / Attached page 2,3
Lesson Plan: / Attached page 3
Worksheets: / Attached page 4
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Detailed Description : (For Use as a Teacher's script)

We can hear music using a radio , tape recorder etc . We can put radio on or put cassette in the tape recorder and press play button to hear music . Similarly we can use computer to hear music . For this we use Music Player in the computer. Using our computer music player , we can play a music , select other songs , increase/ decrease its volume etc.

Two sample desktops are given below to make children familiar with music player.

Lesson Plan Outline:

  1. Prepare for the lesson by making a Desktop with a Music Player icon .
  1. Ask students which are the means by which they usually hear songs (Expected answers - Tape recorder , radio, CD player , Mobile phones , Computer etc)
  2. Show them music player icon and double click on it to launch it. (Let the application already contain some music files so that when we open it , children can see a list of songs).
  3. Select a file and click on the Play button to play it . Let them simply watch the window while playing the music . Ask them to find out similar button like play button. (If they can't , show pause , next , previous, stop buttons).
  4. Click on Pause button , and show its working. (Some player has Pause & Resume buttons separate and some other Use same button for both purpose. Resume the play of song accordingly.) Similarly click on other buttons like Next , Previous and Stop and show how it is working.
  5. Ask the students to play a song by themselves.
  6. Show them the list of music (play list) and explain Music files. Ask them whether we can hear music using a picture file created using paint .


1 : Add Music files to play list (In lab)

Cick on ADD button of Playlist window to add songs to playlist and then click on Play button of

Audio Player.

2 : Player or File??

Say which is like Music player & which is like Music file----