Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson.

207, 10305 116 Street.

Edmonton, Alberta.

T5K 1W5

780 249 3621 .

June 21, 2013.

Registered Mail .

Law Society of Alberta .

Conduct complaint .

I Derek Thompson Of the above address would like to file a

Conduct complaint ,against Thomas Engel , with the law Society Of Alberta.

Engel Brubaker.

Suite 200, 10209 97 Street.

WentWorth Building.

Edmonton, Alberta.

T5J 0L6

Phone 780- 448- 3639.

Here is what has happened .

On April 24, 2009. I retained Thomas Engel To, represent me in

An Insurance matter. Their file number: 3592TME.

, I am making a complaint against Thomas Engel for , Conduct that is ,Worthy of Sanctionon many occasions . Also Monies lost .AT the end of this, ( Remedies ) That he be held accountable , by the law Society and be Disbarred on part(s) or all or both, of this complaint and of his Conduct or lack of IT. I want all monies , back, that I paid to Mr. Engel . Plus payment for my time , What about monies for ,Stress and anxiety of a reasonable person ? Lost Monies from not suing . Any and all Remedies from the law Society.

Page 2. Conduct Law Society

I found Mr. Engel , Failed to respond to me and this case in a timely manner Mr. Engel was NOT / has not , serving me in a Conscientious , Diligent or in a Efficient manner. I had told Mr. Engel and his staff on many occasions , that I felt this was time sensitive and wanted to sue. I even sent Registered Letters to Mr. Engel stating this . Mr. Engel did not reply to them ??!! I found Mr. Engel to be lacking in Professionalism , and not prompt in prosecuting a Matter. I found Mr. Engel to , Not be a prudent or competent lawyer acting in good faith. Thomas Engel has also failed to serve me ,his client , by failing to serve the statement of claim in the limitation period. Thomas Engel has Failed to keep me informed as of the progress of this matter. That Mr. Engel has failed to properly serve me. That Mr. Engel has being Improperly Billing me.

Registered Letter(s) Included with this complaint.

1)Dated : August 20, 2010.

2)Dated : February 16, 2011.

Mr. Engel took my retainer fees ( Copy Included ) and all the information about Insurance company(s) and my problems and solutions I wanted ( Remedies.). I told Mr. Engel that it was time sensitive and I wanted to sue for monies that where showing missing and monies Insurance company showed they had paid me on a print out of my claim , But I did not receive . I alsowanted to sue the Insurance companies for $2.5 Million and have the police lay charges for the money they showed that they paid me . but I did not receive .

Mr. Engel said not to worry he did not know of any time limits , that would stop me from suing in this matter . Mr. Engel said he would send out some letters to Peace hills insurance , and Binns and associate’s. The company that represented Peace hills in Grande Prairie ,Alberta .

So I waited patiently to hear back from him . So after 3 ( Three months , and no word from MR. Engel.I had to phone him back .

Not only did Mr. Engel not send any letters , I had to come back to his Office and go over every thing Again !! (Latter on when I received his billing . Mr. Engel had charged me for both visits to his office , even this was clearly his mistake. ?) Conduct Worthy of Sanction.Copy of billing included . Dated, February 23, 2010.

Page 3.Conduct Law Society

If you check letter from Mr. Engel Date June 24, 2011. ( A copy of this letter is Enclosed. ) Engel admits that he did not send First Letter until August 4, 2009. ( Copy Enclosed , please check personal comments on copy of letter.) ( Retained April 24, 2009. So over 3 months to send first letter ! ) Then in the same letter Engel Admits that it was over 7.5 months before he sent letter to Superintendent Of Insurance . ( August 4, 2009. To March 25, 2010.)

Both of these long periods must be conduct worthy of Sanction .

Please Note : On this same letter dated June 24, 2011. I am requesting all this lost monies be paid to me by Thomas Engel as he did make sure to take proper steps and time lines . Which is also Conduct Worthy of Sanction.

Letter dated August 8, 2011. From Mr. Engel 2 years later he is still trying to

get copies of checks . Even though I told Mr. Engel that I wanted to sue on many occasions . This should be conduct worthy of Sanction also.

Letter dated October 12, 2011.

From Mr. Engel . On the 6 and 7 line of the only Paragraph. In letter. “ There is probably a basis to go to court , to force Peace Hills to do that , but if you want us to do something like that ,I expect that it could cost up to $5,000.00 or even more .

Now 2 years 5 months later ( Retained April 24, 2009 to October 12, 2011.) Now Mr. Engel States that we should go to court , and this is what I was asking all along . This must be Conduct Worthy of Sanction!

Same letter Oct. 12, 2011 . Mr. Engel states it could cost up to $5,00.00 or even more to do court action . Is Mr. Engel misleading me ? If we look at the rules of court . Schedule “C” . Mr. Engel ,can only charge $500.00 , and up to $2,000.00 if it requires written Brief for a contested application. Is this statement misleading and , conduct worthy of Sanction.

Now if you look at a Letter from Mr. Engel Dated August 15, 2012. Mr. Engel states he wants $2,000.00 retainer for His opinion ??!! This is one of the reasons why I hired Mr. Engel in the first place because he said he knew what

Page 4.Conduct Law Society

to do ! Conduct worthy of Sanction .( I will comment more under letter dated August 15, 2012. )

I would also like you to Note on this letter dated October 12, 2011. Mr. Engel states he talked to Superintendent Of Insurance ( Over the telephone ) Why did Mr. Engel not make sure he receive a letter from the Superintendent stating this and pass on a copy of these said Facts to me. ? Where is the written proof from the Superintendent that this is really what Peace Hills said happened or what must happen before doing more ? Conduct Worthy of Sanction .

I also sentMr. Engel Registered Letters :

( All Included within the registered mail I am sending now with this complaint.)

February 16, 2011.

Letter Dated August 15, 2012.

During our meeting at Mr. Engels office On December 5, 2011. Mr. Engel said he was not sure which way he wanted to proceed , With an Originating Application , or Statement of Claim and it would cost me $5,000.00 to get his opinion . ( Conduct Worthy of Sanction). I could not believe this so I ask Mr. Engel to send me a letter , of what he just said , costs ,opinions , how to proceed , etc. and I would get back to him after that . So after waiting patiently, Until July 2012 , for Mr. Engel to send me this letter , which did not come ! ( Conduct worthy of Sanction.) So I sent Mr. Engel a letter stating that once again I am not happy with his conduct and will have to put in a complaint. That generated this letter from Mr. Engel dated August 15, 2012.

Please note same letter August 15, 2012. From Mr. Engel , paragraph 5 of first page , ; You … my September 24, 2010. Letter ….. I did not hear from you since .

But same letter Paragraph 2. Mr. Engel contradicts ( Lies ? ) himself as he states , We had a meeting on December 5, 2011. And this letter is dated August 15, 2012. ?? Conduct Worthy of Sanction.

Page 5 Conduct Law Society

So Along with the disciplinary action for Thomas Engels Conduct or Lack of It. I Derek Thompson Will be requesting full payment for the following .

All Monies paid to Mr. Engel or his Law Firm . = $3,000.00

My time for all of this . = $5,800.00

Monies Thomas Engel did not get me from ,

Peace Hills Insurance / Binns Association.

Collision : I was paid $17,126.00 .

It shows they were paid $51,378 . Difference = $34,252.00

Disablity : I was paid , $25,200.00.

It shows they were paid , $91,251.00, Difference = $ 66,051.00.

Medical : I was paid , $10,000.00

It shows they were paid , $26,805.00 . Difference = $16,805.00

Stress and Anguish for a reasonable person ? = You tell me !

The amount I wanted to sue for : = $2.5 Million

Any other amounts , Law Society and Insurance = ??

Deem Payable.

Thank you. Yours Truly.

Derek Thompson .