Cultural Export Fund: Strand 1 Travel Grants

Cultural Export Fund: Strand 1 Travel Grants

Cultural Export Fund: Travel GrantsNext deadline: 22nd March 2017 at noon

Date of Application: / Application Reference Number:

Application Form for

Cultural Export Fund: Strand 1 –Travel Grants

1. Applicant Name and Surname

If applying on behalf of an Organisation,the applicant must be the legal representative of the Organisation. In the case that the project is awarded funding, the applicant must also be the contract’s signatory. Kindly specify the applicant’s position in the Organisation (if applicable).

2. Identity Card Number of Applicant

*Please attach a copy of your I.D. Card with this application form

3. Postal Address of the Applicant

4. Applicant Details

Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
Email Address:

5. Did you ever benefit from public funds?



6. If yes, kindly specify the name/s and dates of the project/s held between 2011 and 2016.


  1. Project Title

b. Amount Requested for this Project

*Maximum amount that can be requested under this Strand is € 2,000

*You may request up to 100% of the project expenditure

c. Did you already benefit from another public fund to cover the costs for which you are requesting financial support in this application?

*If yes, this project is ineligible for financial support from this Fund.



d. What type of project are your proposing?

Artists’/writers’ residencies

Professional training and development

“Go-see” or short term exploration grants

Participation in festivals, showcases, networking

sessions, conferences and fairs

Practice search for exchanges and collaboration

Practice-led research

Other *Please specify: ______

e. Kindly provide a short project description. You are also requested to explain how you intend to manage this project successfully.

f. Attach the CV/profile of the applicant and artists involved in the project.

This includes CVs of tutors, collaborators, profiles of festivals, showcases, networks applicable

g. When will be the project start and end? Kindly provide the project’s dates.

Eligible period: 14/04/2017 – 14/04/2018

From ____/____/______to ____/_____/______


In order to help you address the funding criteria, you are inivited to consider the following points.

  1. Criterion 1 - Artistic merit, relevance and development

*In this section you are required to explain:

How relevant is this outgoing mobility opportunity at this stage of your career?

What is the level of opportunity to develop further your artistic practice/profession?

  1. Criterion 2 - International Engagement

*In this section you are required to explain:

How will this outgoing mobility encourage you to engage in a professional international context?

Will the mobility provide the opportunity to encourage further networking and international collaboration?

  1. Criterion 3 - Management and Finance

This criterion will take into consideration the information provided in this application form and in the budget and supporting documents.

Kindly provide a detailed timeframe for this project.

BUDGET – Template

*It is important to provide copies of any relevant quotations that can give an indication of estimated costs. All official quotations are to be attached to this application. Whenever quotations cannot be supplied, you can provide a breakdown of estimated costs based on standard expenditure for mobility projects. Other sources of funding, and sponsorships (including sponsorships in kind) must be supported by relevant documentation.

Double click on this table and edit as required in the case of your project.

If you are going to provide a printed copy of your application, kindly present a printed copy of your project’s full budget. When you double click and edit the excel sheet, you would then need to press Ctrl + P, programme your settings to ‘landscape’ and print the table below.

Applicant’s Declaration

Date: ______

Signature of Applicant: ______

By signing this declaration I confirm that, to my knowledge, all the information contained in this Application Form and its Annexes is correct.

By signing this declaration I confirm that I have read the Fund’s Guidelines and that I accept the Fund’s conditions and process as stipulated in this same document.

You may submit your application forms with all relevant supporting documents as follows :
i)By sending an email on till 12:00 of the deadline.
It is essential that in the same email you include all additional supporting documents as required by these guidelines and regulations. You should also include your signature (electronic signature or scan) as indicated on the application form.
ii)By sending a printed copy and an electronic copy (on a pen drive) by registered post to the following address :
Arts Council Malta
16, Casa Scaglia,
Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street,
It is essential that the post mark indicates either the deadline or a date before the deadline.
iii)By submitting a printed copy and a soft copy (on a pen drive) of the application form by hand at :
Arts Council Malta
16, Casa Scaglia,
Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street,
You may submit your application form between Monday and Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 16:30. On the deadline, we can only accept application forms till noon (12:00). Applications that reach the Council after the deadline will not be accepted.
Please refer to the Guidelines and Regulations of the Cultural Export Fund for further information.