Cultural Competence/Diversity Training Workshop

Cultural Competence/Diversity Training Workshop

Best Practices for Serving Culturally Diverse Families in Early Intervention and Early Head Start Programs

Cultural Competence/Diversity Training Workshop

Professional Family Care Service, Johnstown, PA

Dr. Sara Alexis Rutledge


  1. Good Morning! 

Welcome and Introductions

  1. Working with Diverse Families: Who Is Included? What Types of Diverse Families Have You Worked With?

Race, Social Class, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Ethnicity, Military, Religion, Appearance, ELL, Family Status, Politics, Lifestyle, Education, Economics, Personality, Geography, Age, Multiple Intelligences, Occupation, and Exceptionalities (visual impairments, hearing loss, communication disorders, TBI, physical disabilities, autism, severe and multiple disabilities, ADD/ADHD, intellectual disability/cognitive learning, emotional and behavioral disorders, gifted learners, and health impairments like epilepsy, cancer, asthma, etc).

Rosa’s Law (S2781 on 10-5-10)

  1. Definitions: Multicultural Education, Prejudice, Discrimination, Cultural Competence, Social Justice, Cultural Borders, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Multicultural Curriculum, and Multiethnic Education
  2. Bias Reflection

What did you hear in your home environment? What messages did you receive about diversity? How much prejudicial talk is in your everyday environment? Do you hear people made fun of or discussed as though they are inadequate, unequal, or unacceptable? How are women in men discussed? How are older people discussed? How are people who are poor or people with exceptionalities discussed? Kids are not born to hate, they learn to be non-inclusive from their environment. You CAN make a difference as Early Head Start and Early Intervention Professionals! 

  1. Interactive Diversity Activities
  1. Circles of My Multicultural Self
  2. Diversity Awareness with Young Children: When Life Hands You a Lemon, Peel It!
  3. Welcome to Holland
  1. Handouts
  1. Promoting Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competency: Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Behavioral Health Services and Supports to Children, Youth and their Families
  2. 101 Ways to Combat Prejudice
  3. Teaching Multicultural Awareness
  4. The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook
  5. Diversity Training

Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin

  1. Teaching Acceptance, Tolerance, and Diversity

Bringing Up Open-Minded Kids

I’m Unique: Teaching Your Toddler to Value Differences

  1. Talking to Children about Diversity: The Preschool Years

Talking to Children About Diversity: Onset of Formal Education

Discussing Hate and Violence with Children (Teachable Moments-Car)

  1. Raising Children Free of Prejudice
  2. Is Your Baby Racist? Exploring the Roots of Discrimination
  3. Strategies for Achieving Gender Equity in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms
  4. Pennsylvania Department of Education: ELL

Dolch Basic Word List in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish

Training of Support Staff

The Culture Quiz


The Cultural Iceberg

ELL Survival Vocabulary

ELL Tips for Teachers

Home Language Survey

  1. ESL Activities and Mini-Books for Every Classroom: Terrific Teaching Tips, Games, Mini-Books and More to Help New Students From Every Nation Build Basic English Vocabulary and Feel Welcome!
  2. A to Zany: Community Activities for Students of English
  3. 101 Bright Ideas: ESL Activities for All Ages
  4. Teaching in a Diverse Classroom- Web- Add Exceptionalities
  5. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  6. Promoting Literacy Growth in Young Children- Some strategies will helpful for ELL
  1. Sharing

Books, Toys, Dolls, Art Supplies, Music, Maps, Games, and more…

  1. Resource List/Bibliography