CTS 10 Business Studies Class 2017 18 -Mr. Virginillo

CTS 10 Business Studies Class 2017 18 -Mr. Virginillo

CTS 10 Business Studies Class 2017–18 -Mr. Virginillo

Legal Studies, Information Processing

Enterprise & InnovationCommunication Technology

Period 5 & 6 – Classroom & Senior High Computer Lab

1 Credit for each completed course with grade of 50% or higher
Course LGS 1010 – Private Law
Students explore workplace and consumer law with a focus on basic rights and responsibilities at a place of work and the legal aspects of buying, selling and renting goods and services
Course INF 1060 – Spreadsheet 1
Students develop skills in the proper use of spreadsheet software through general data manipulation and personal recordkeeping
Students will create spreadsheets for personal and business use
Course COM TECH 1005 – Visual Composition
Students learn to employ fundamental elements and “Principles of Design” for various media and gain a strong foundational multidisciplinary experience in preparation for other Communication Technology courses
Course COM TECH 1205 – Photography Introduction
Students develop essential skills in camera use with a focus on basic composition, set-up and examination of exposure. Students operate a camera to capture images and produce final display proofs.
Course ENT 1010 – Challenge & Opportunity
Students identify, compare and assess a variety of venture opportunities
Students will begin the research and planning process for a business start up
Course COM TECH 1015 – Media
Students discover the impact of the media and develop skills to relay a message using various forms or media. Create advertisements for a Business.

Students will receive an individual mark/credit for each course they pass. Students must pass COM 1005 before they can receive credit forCOM 1015COM 1205.

Legal Studies 1010 – Private Law

Assignments and Case Studies80%


Information Processing 1060 – Spreadsheet 1

Assignments– “Jobs”80%

Final Test “Job”20%

Communication Technology 1005 – Visual Composition



COM 1205 – Photography – Introduction

Assignments (24 photographs – covering various types of shots)80%


Enterprise & Innovation 1010– Challenge and Opportunity

Starting your own business planning booklet80%


Communication Technology 1015 – Media

A Short Audio/Video Production40%

Billboard Advertisement20%

A Print Message20%


Information Processing 2020 – Keyboarding(optional extra credit)

Students can choose to practice on a weekly/monthly basis practice their keyboarding skills with the goal of achieving a minimum of 35 words a minute up to 50 words a minute. Students will also develop number pad skills with the intent to have a minimum of 100 numbers a minute up to 150 numbers a minute. WPM and NPM are weighted at 50% towards their final grade.

Students will be tested and depending on results they will be awarded a grade. Achieving 50% or higher will earn them 1 credit.

35 WPM = 50%50 WPM = 100%

100 NPM = 50%150 NPM = 100%