CSSC Cardiff Area Association

CSSC Cardiff Area Association

CSSC Cardiff Area Association

Ready Reckoner for Rebates – From 1stFebruary 2018

Claim (£) / Subsidy (£)
1 to 9 / 0
10 to 14 / 5
15 to 19 / 6
20 to 24 / 7
25 to 29 / 8
30 to 34 / 9
35 to 39 / 10
40 to 44 / 11
45 to 49 / 12
50 to 54 / 13
55 to 59 / 14
60 to 64 / 15
65 to 69 / 16
70 to 74 / 17
75 to 79 / 18
80 to 89 / 19
90 to 99 / 20
100 to 109 / 21
110 to 120 max / 22

*It should not be presumed that the above subsidy will always be offered. The Cardiff Area committee has discretion to amend or withdraw this offer at any time.

Rules for Rebates from Cardiff Area

1. All claims should be received by the treasurer within 1 month of the event having taken place, except leisure activities, which should be within 2 months of the activity having taken place. Claims should not be made before the event.

2. Claims must be made on the latest version of the claim form available from the Cardiff Area website the Cardiff Area micro site of the national CSSC website Claims on older versions may not be processed.

3. It is the responsibility of the claimant to ensure timely submission of claims – postal/email delays will not constitute a reason for delay.

4. You can make one claim per monthbut this can containup to two events from any combination of the rebate subsidies offered: theatre, school holiday, National trust or RHS membership, Leisure, Concerts, sporting activity.

For example, your claim may consist of:

  • 2 theatre visits or
  • 1 theatre and 1 leisure or
  • 1 theatre and 1school holiday event or
  • 2 school holiday events or
  • 1 NT membership and 1 sporting event or
  • any other combination of the rebates on offer

5. Any leisure claim can consist of one fitness event per week (swimming, squash, badminton, gym, circuits etc). So, in a 4-week month your claim can consist of up to 4 fitness events and in a five-week month up to 5 fitness events. Only Council owned leisure centres are covered.

6. Claim forms should be sent to the email address shown on the form. Claims made to other CSSC email addresses will not be processed. The Subject of the email must contain the word Rebate. Claims made without this will not be routed to the correct place and may not be processed.

7. The amount paid for all types of rebate will be determined by the Ready Reckoner (shown above), except for:

  • School holiday rebates which will be based on 50% of the total up to a maximum rebate of £10 per claim
  • CSSC Regional sports events. Fees of £10.00 and below will be paid in full. Entry fees over £10.00 will be paid at £10.00 plus 50% of the remaining entry fee.

PLEASE NOTE:For National events you must claim via CSSC Head Office.

  • National Trust and RHS membership. £10 per membership. Where joint membership is held and both are members of Cardiff area then £20 can be claimed.

8. Only members of Cardiff Area can make claims. Area membership is usually determined by your place of work.

9. If your claim consists of 2 events, the rebate will be based on the aggregate total of the two events.

10. Booking/Service/postage charges will not be included for rebate. Please do not include these in your claim.

11. Events at stadiums such as The Millennium Stadium and Cardiff City stadium are EXCLUDED other than for specified events which will be advertised separately.

12. Claims are limited to one ticket per event

13. A maximum of £60.00 will apply to any claim – i.e. any ticket costing over £60.00 will have a rebate equivalent to a £60.00 ticket. (eg. a ticket costing £85 would be rebated at the £60 maximum = £15).

14. Proof of payment is essential and should include the venue, date of event and cost of individual ticket. A receipt showing total cost without these elements will not be considered as proof of payment. A photograph or scan of the ticket/ receipt is acceptable as proof.

15. Claims for events costing under £10 will not be made except for school holiday events and regional CSSC sport.

16. School Holiday events must include a child entry (or a family ticket)

17. Spectating at sporting events is not included (except where advertised separately on the website).

18. Claims for other CSSC Competitions and events will be dealt with at the committee’s discretion.

19. It should not be presumed that the maximum subsidy will always be offered. The Cardiff Area committee can decide on an individual merit basis for the appropriate subsidy.

20. All claims requiring a cheque must be accompanied by a return Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE).

21. You must not make claims for the same event to other constituent parts of the CSSC e.g. Wales Region, your Departmental Association.

Rebates will not be acknowledged when rebate payment is made, but you should receive a standard auto reply when your email has reached the Treasurers email account.

Please check your bank account to confirm payment. Rebates are made by volunteers in their own time and every effort will be made to pay the rebate within 28 days of receipt. However, at busy periods and especially during holidays, this may not be possible. Please bear with the committee at these busy times

Cardiff Area offers one of the best rebate schemes of any Area Association within the CSSC. Please do not abuse this offer by making invalid, duplicate or multiple claims. Any member found doing so may be excluded from any future claims.

All travel and subsistence claims are to be made to the Welsh Region not Cardiff Area Association. Check the National CSSC web site for current rates and how to claim.

Applicable Venues for Theatre/concert rebatesinclude: -

• Wales Millennium Centre• St Davids Hall

• The New Theatre• Cardiff International Area

• Sherman• Chapter

• The Glee Club• The Point

• St Fagans• Duffryn Gardens

• The Gate• The Coliseum, Aberdare

• Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd• The Globe

• Blackwood Miners Institute• Paget Rooms – Penarth

• Parc and Dare Theatres – Treorchy• Millennium Music Hall

• Cardiff Students Union• Phoenix Theatre

• Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama• ClwbIfor Bach

• The Tramshed• The Royal Welsh Show

•Hay Festival• Everyman open air theatre

• The Depot

Other venues within South Wales will be considered at the committee’s discretion.

Updated on 1st February 2018