Crew: Two Or More People Competent to Undertake Tasks

Crew: Two Or More People Competent to Undertake Tasks

Responding to Support Calls
Scope / This Brigade Operating Procedure applies to all support calls.
Definitions / The following definitions apply to this Brigade Operating Procedure (BOP):
  • Code 1: Classified as emergency vehicle status, appliance is permitted to use a siren and flashing lights and is subject to the exemptions under the Road Rules – Vic 1999 provided to Emergency vehicles.
  • Code 3: Classified as non-emergency status and must comply with Road Rules – Vic 1999. Flashing lights must not be used.
  • Crew: Two or more people competent to undertake tasks.
  • Crew Leader: The officer or fire-fighter designated to have responsibility for the management of the crew.
  • Incident controller: The individual designated by thecontrol agency to have overall management of theincident and is responsible for all incident activities.

Objective / To ensure that there are sufficient crew numbers responding from Research Fire Brigade to allow for safe and effective fire ground operations when providing operational support.
Procedure /
  1. On receipt of a call (via pagers) all available members within the area are to report directly to the fire station. Whilst travelling to the fire station all members are to travel within the current Victorian Road Rules & regulations of 1999. The OIC or most Crew Leader present will determine appliance crewing before response.
  1. When providing operational support to another Brigade the most appropriate appliance, based on pager information and schedule 1 of this BOP, should be responded to combat that incident.
  1. The support appliance should respond with a preferred minimum of four (4) qualified personal.
  1. The OIC to be determined based on Rank and or experience; See schedule 2 of BOP 1.01 as a guide.
  1. No members are to board the appliance until the OIC directs them to do so.
  1. The support appliance is to wait at station until the turn out clock reaches SIX (6) minutes and if no further crew have responded the appliance is to respond with no less than two members.
  1. The Support appliance will depart once a full complement of appropriately skilled crew have boarded the appliance even if the turnout clock has not reached six (6) minutes.
  1. If less than 2 crew have arrived or a qualified driver has not arrived, a member will notify Vic Fire that the appliance is unable to respond due to lack of crew and or driver.
  1. The appliance response (Code 1/Code 3) will be determined by the Crew Leader. Taking into account:
9.1.1Type and location of call.
9.1.2Location of other Appliances
9.1.3Current status of incident
9.1.4Direction from the Incident Controller.
  1. A second support appliance is to be responded based on schedule 1 within this BOP, the Crew Leader of the second appliance is to notify Vic Fire that this is due to a local agreement with the Primary Brigade.

Safety notes /
  • The Crew Leader is to ensure that crew have appropriate qualifications for the incident.
  • Crew Leader to ensure that all crew have appropriate PPC.

Environmental notes /
  • Drivers/Operators to be sensitive to station neighbours & conditions in operating sirens & beacons when turning out.

Related Documents / Other Links and References / Delegations
Policies / Standing Orders / SOPs
Chief Officer’s Standing Orders:
6.00 Training & Competence
11.00 Health and Safety
12.00 Driving CFA & Brigade Owned Vehicles / Brigade SOPs: 1.05 Brigade Car– Response of,
1.06 CFA Appliances – Operations & driving of,
1.08 PPC – Wearing of,
Chief Officer’s SOPs:
9.24 Reporting on Scene at a Fire or Incident
11.03 PPC
12.03 Driving of CFA Vehicles
12.04 Emergency Vehicle Response / Country Fire Authority Act 1958
Country Fire Authority Regulations 2004 / Brigade Captain
Crew Leaders
Date to be Reviewed: / Date to Cease: / Date Endorsed: / Endorsed By:
N/A / Neville Stewart
Captain: Research Fire Brigade.

Schedule 2 - “Local Agreement Response” table.

Order of response
Area & Type / 1st / 2nd
WANT2 – G&SC / Tanker 1 / ULT
Tanker 1 / ULT
Tanker 1 / ULT
Tanker 1 / ULT
Tanker 1 / ULT

* This table is to be during “hot day” response periods and or for the duration of the designated fire restriction period.

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BOP 1.01 – Version 1 / 29/12/2008